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02.11.2021 – 17:52

Calterah Semiconductor

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Mini, but Mighty

On October 20th, Calterah introduced two new mmWave radar chip product families, Alps-Mini and Rhine-Mini.

An FMCW radar front-end transceiver system is integrated in a mini IC, which comprises a two-channel transmitter and a two-channel receiver operating in the 59-64 GHz band (for Rhein-Mini) or in the 76-81 -GHz band (for Alpen-Mini) can work with a continuous sampling of 4 GHz and an output power of up to 12 dBm. The chip also supports a maximum ADC sampling rate of 25 MS / s, peak search and multiple algorithms to implement CFAR detection with a 512 KiB baseband SRAM. As an auto-grade product, it meets the requirements of the AEC-Q100 qualification and the ISO 26262 ASIL-B standard. It is available in two housings: standard housing and AiP (antenna in housing).

The Mini is similar to Alps and Rhine in terms of the powerful RF front-end, automatic operating temperature, reliability, and proprietary hardware accelerator for radar signal processing, but comes with a dual-core processor and a cybersecurity unit for encryption and the Compliance with the desired cybersecurity standards. In addition, Mini is 40% smaller than Alps and Rhine and has a typical power consumption of 0.8 W. The costs for the main chip have been reduced by over 20%. The ICs have been made smaller, safer, smarter and more energy efficient according to the demands of the market in order to live up to the slogan “Mini, but Mighty”.

According to Calterah, the company reached the milestone of one million shipped IC units in the third quarter and has a growing partnership with more than 400 customers in the automotive, industrial and consumer markets. As more mmWave ICs penetrate these markets, the mmWave radar is also expanding the boundaries of its applications, from autonomous driving in the beginning to many other areas such as intelligent cabins, security and surveillance, smart home, smart city, etc. At the product launch, Calterah demonstrated how Calterah AiP chip products detect cabin occupancy and model the USRR environment using videos produced by both Calterah itself and its customers. In addition to automotive applications, Mini was also shown indoor human detection, heralding the rise of mmWave radar in elderly care and smart homes in the future.

Watch the full streaming video of the mini launch https://www.calterah.com/.

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