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02.11.2021 – 12:33

Bavaria Party

Munich (ots)

Berlin’s major airport (BER), which opened just over a year ago, has hit the headlines. Recently it was the chaotic conditions at the beginning of the autumn holidays in several federal states – there was talk of long waiting times, broken treadmills and a lot of dirt – now the financial aspects are coming to the fore again.

2.4 billion euros will be needed in the first quarter of 2022 to compensate for a lack of liquidity. And the same amount must be raised again by 2026. According to current estimates. Experience with BER shows, however, that this is unlikely to be the end of the story.

In the opinion of the Bavarian Party, the biggest problem is that the shortfalls are likely to be raised by the three shareholders in case of doubt. And that is the federal government as well as the states of Berlin and Brandenburg. And so the Bavarian taxpayer is in the – unwanted – liability.

The Bavarian party chairman Florian Weber called for consequences: “Not a single Bavarian tax cent should flow into this dysfunctional billion-dollar grave. It simply cannot be conveyed that more and more Bavarian commuters hardly know how to finance their way to work or many in this country have to be afraid of a cold winter, and at the same time this unjustified capital city megalomania will be satisfied.

Of course, I would prefer it if it was none of our business. As would be the case in an independent Bavaria. But as long as that is not the case, one should restrict the budget rights of the permanently resident federal states. A committee of the donor countries would have to approve larger and permanent expenditure. Then there would be no BER. And that wouldn’t be a mistake! ”

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