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▷ 125th German Medical Congress / Test digital applications intensively before introducing the practice

02.11.2021 – 19:05

Federal Medical Association

Berlin (ots)

Digital applications must be practical and demonstrate an actual benefit for patient care. The 125th German Medical Association has therefore called for intensive and comprehensive test phases with a duration of at least twelve months before applications of the telematics infrastructure are introduced into everyday practice.

“The electronic patient file, the e-prescription and the electronic certificate of incapacity for work change the work processes in practices and clinics permanently. Doctors will only accept this if the new processes run safely, smoothly and quickly,” explained Erik Bodendieck, Co-Chairman of the committee ” Digitization in health care “of the German Medical Association. This is currently not guaranteed; Gematik ignored or dismissed concerns or even warnings from doctors’ days in the past. “We are now seeing the consequences. The test results are more than sobering,” emphasized Bodendieck. The fact that the delegates are now even calling for a moratorium on the introduction of the applications in one of the eleven resolutions on digitization shows the medical profession’s displeasure with the unsuitable quality.

In order to take into account a user-oriented further development of the applications of the telematics infrastructure in the future, the German Medical Association called for a readjustment of the structures of gematik. “Now it is taking its toll that gematik is ignoring the requirements of the shareholders who are responsible for patient care. These shareholders must have a stronger influence,” said Bodendieck.

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