▷ 125th German Doctors ‘Day / Doctors’ Day for climate neutrality in the healthcare system by 2030

02.11.2021 – 19:03

Federal Medical Association

Berlin (ots)

Berlin – Germany needs a national strategy for climate-friendly health care. The investment required for this, for example for the construction of climate-neutral hospitals and for the use of climate-neutral energy in the health sector, must be taken into account in this strategy. This is what the 125th German Medical Association demanded as part of its deliberations on the subject of “Climate protection is health protection”. The MPs called on the federal states to create special funds from which clinics receive financial support for the construction of climate-friendly infrastructure.

The MPs of the Doctors’ Day also appealed to those responsible in the health care system to take the necessary measures to achieve climate neutrality in the health care system by the year 2030, resolutely, consistently and promptly. This requires climate protection plans in health and social care facilities. Climate protection officers should also be established who are responsible for implementing these plans.

“We can not only talk about climate protection, we also have to practice it,” said PD Dr. Peter Bobbert, board member of the German Medical Association (BÄK) at the Doctors’ Day. The health system also contributes to the creation of climate-damaging emissions. “We must therefore ensure that the health care system does not become a trigger for climate change,” emphasized Bobbert. That must be one of the most urgent tasks of the new federal government.

“It is our medical duty to clearly state the effects of climate change, to point out the resulting health risks and to call for countermeasures,” emphasized Dr. Gerald Quitterer, who is also a member of the BÄK board. The medical profession must do its part to ensure that the health system is prepared to cope with the consequences of climate change. This also includes working for an intact environment as the basis for healthy living conditions. “Because climate protection is health protection and health protection is climate protection. One cannot be done without the other,” said Quitterer.

In Germany, too, there are more and more climate-related heat waves that can be fatal, especially for older people or those with previous illnesses. In a four-hour, enthusiastic debate, the delegates affirmed that the federal, state and local authorities as well as the health care facilities are obliged to immediately intensify measures to avert danger in the event of heat waves. This includes providing the financial resources necessary to build resilient structures. Knowledge of the health consequences of heat should also be adequately integrated into the basic, advanced and advanced training of all health professions.

In addition to a national heat protection plan, from the point of view of the medical profession, specific action plans are required for clinics, emergency and rescue services and care facilities to prepare for extreme weather events. Health facilities should be connected to the early warning system of the German Weather Service, according to the doctors’ day. The population should also be continuously informed about the intensity of climate-related stress factors such as heat or increased ozone levels.

The Doctors’ Day also endorses the aim of the BÄK Board of Directors to make the office, including the committee meetings, as well as the administrative activities of the German Medical Association climate-neutral by the year 2030.

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