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What if I get infected with COVID-19 while traveling abroad? ‘Kosi Guk’ overseas travel insurance tips

Are you insured? Ambiguous travel warning ‘special travel advisory’
Isolation of hotels and Airbnb accommodations is not supported… Medical institutions only
Support for treatment and hospitalization expenses in accordance with the principle of reciprocity with 131 countries

With anticipation for the transition to Corona, the movement to travel abroad is prominent. Even so, if there is one thing that somewhat dampens the sentiment of overseas travel, it is also Corona 19. If I get infected with COVID-19 while traveling abroad, can I get reimbursed for medical expenses in the country even with overseas travel insurance? I learned about ‘Kosi Guk’ overseas travel insurance.

One of the mandatory notices before signing up for overseas travel insurance. You should check the travel warning issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the country you want to travel to / Screen capture

‘Special travel advisory’…Check whether you can purchase insurance

It is true that overseas travel has become possible as more countries exempt self-quarantine for vaccinated persons. However, if you are infected with COVID-19 while traveling, the burden of treatment and stay costs varies from country to country and situation to situation.
First of all, you need to check whether you are traveling to a country where overseas travel insurance is available. Among the things to be notified before signing up by insurance companies, the question ‘Are you planning to visit the travel restrictions and prohibitions designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during overseas travel?’ According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when visiting the red warning (level 3) and black warning (level 4) areas among the travel warning levels for each region designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, insurance and compensation are not available. As of October, the Ministry of Foreign AffairsSpecial travel advisory issued until November 13 for local overseas travelIn the extended state, it is stipulated that the actions of the special travel advisory are in accordance with the yellow warning (level 2) or higher and the red warning (level 3) or lower. Since it is an ambiguous situation in which a red warning is included in the special travel advisory warning stage, it is advisable to check directly with the insurance company whether it is possible to subscribe.

DiagnosisAdmissionTreatment is in a medical institution facility

It is necessary to carefully examine the scope and contents of the warranty. If you look at the product terms and conditions, special terms and conditions for ‘compensation for specific infectious diseases during travel’ are specified. Specific infectious diseases covered by travel insurance are those diagnosed as a patient with an infectious disease according to the ‘diagnostic criteria for infectious disease’ at an ‘institution that can confirm the pathogen of an infectious disease’ case is applicable. Although COVID-19 does not fall out of the category of infectious diseases, insurance coverage is possible only after receiving a confirmed diagnosis at a medical institution and receiving treatment at a medical institution facility. However, this means that if you have to be quarantined at a hotel or other accommodation individually, not at a medical institution, insurance will not be covered. Therefore, it is advisable to check and decide in advance the guidelines for people infected with COVID-19 for each country you plan to travel to.

Maldives Tourism Authority's COVID-19 travel insurance 'Allied Inbound Insurance' exclusively for foreign travelers / Maldives Tourism Authority
Maldives Tourism Authority’s COVID-19 travel insurance ‘Allied Inbound Insurance’ exclusively for foreign travelers / Maldives Tourism Authority

Insurance that varies depending on the destination

Insurance terms may also vary from country to country. In the case of Cambodia, entry is allowed only if you have purchased Corona 19 insurance from FORTE Insurance from November 18, last year. Thailand and Singapore require a travel insurance card to be submitted during the entry process, but subscribe to a product that can insure up to US$100,000 (about 120 million won) and S$30,000 (about 26 million won) for medical expenses including COVID-19, respectively. Should be. In the Maldives, it is recommended to purchase a travel insurance product exclusively for overseas travelers launched by the Tourism Authority. If you become infected with COVID-19 while staying in the Maldives, you can receive support for treatment costs, self-isolation costs, and emergency transportation costs. Costs range from $25 to $45, depending on the duration and terms of coverage. Considering that the Maldives resort accommodation costs hundreds of thousands of won, it is an insurance that can reduce the burden in case of emergency.

OK without insurance… Which travel destinations are supported by the state?

Even if you do not purchase travel insurance, there are places that support medical expenses and stay expenses at the national level. According to the principle of reciprocity, you can receive support for the cost of hospitalization in quarantine for COVID-19. 60 countries are eligible for full subsidy for out-of-pocket expenses and essential non-insurance expenses incurred due to quarantine inpatient treatment due to COVID-19. Among them, Greece, Norway, New Zealand, Taiwan, Russia, Brunei, Slovakia, Iceland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy, India, Japan, Qatar, Canada, Portugal, Poland, and Australia are popular destinations for Koreans. There are 61 countries that support isolation room admission but do not include food or treatment expenses: Germany, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Mauritius, Maldives, Belgium, Seychelles, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Argentina, Austria, Indonesia, China, Czech Republic, Cambodia, Croatia, Turkey, Peru, France, Philippines and Hong Kong. 52 countries including South Africa, the Netherlands, Nepal, Laos, Malta, the United States, Myanmar, Vietnam, Switzerland, Singapore, Egypt, Georgia, Thailand, Finland and Hungary The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Patient Management Team is updating it at regular intervals.

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