Volcano attracts thousands of tourists to La Palma

Coinciding with the feast of All Saints, thousands of tourists took advantage of the weekend to visit the Spanish island of La Palma, attracted by the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which, 19 days after erupting, is still in full activity and yesterday even increased its lava production.

For this weekend the airlines and maritime companies presented an almost absolute complete, and the forecast of the hospitality sector was that between yesterday and today La Palma received around 10 thousand visitors attracted by the impressive images of the volcano in the media, a figure welcomed by the authorities as it gives a “safe” image of the island.

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This volcanic tourism is currently the only source of income for certain establishments and specific areas of La Palma, which were affected by the impact of the volcano, after starting to recover from the losses left by the coronavirus pandemic.

The economic activity of tourism represents more than 20% of La Palma’s gross domestic product, and is an important source of income for small businesses and freelancers who offer other services besides accommodation.



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