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Travel booking tips for 2022 from Expedia

Flight bookings are about 26% cheaper than on weekends and Fridays
Best time to book accommodations Domestic Thursdays and overseas Mondays

Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), a company specializing in ticketing transactions, have released the 7th ‘Air Travel Outlook Report for 2022’. The report was prepared based on flight search data from January to August 2021, and Expedia introduced the best flight and hotel reservation times and tips for Korean travelers to keep an eye on.

Best time to buy a flight ‘Weekend’

The days with the highest probability of purchasing cheap air tickets were Saturdays for domestic flights and Sundays for international flights. On the other hand, Friday is the day of the week with the highest average price. The average price of international air tickets purchased by Korean travelers was about 26% cheaper on Sunday than Friday, and about 10% lower than the average price on weekdays. In general, prices are lower on weekends than on weekdays.

cheapest air travel itinerary

Travel expenses vary depending on the departure itinerary. Based on the departure day, the cheapest domestic flight tickets were in order of Tuesday and Monday, and the most expensive days were Friday and Saturday. Flights departing Tuesday were about 40% cheaper than tickets departing Friday. The cheapest departure day for international flights is Saturday, 16% lower than Monday, the most expensive. By month, January was the cheapest and August was the most expensive. The average price of flight tickets departing in January is 39% lower than in August. Premium Economy tickets are cheaper than ever. The price of premium economy class in 2021 was about 63% higher than that of regular economy class, but the gap has narrowed significantly compared to 160-170% in 2019.

Accommodation reservation Domestic Thursday, overseas Monday Cheaper

As for the average room rate (per night) of domestic accommodations, reservations made on Thursday were the cheapest, and Sunday was the most expensive. Payments made on Thursday were about 5% lower than the average price on Sunday. Overseas accommodations have a slightly larger price difference. Buying on Monday, when the average price was lowest, saved about 19% compared to Friday, the highest price.

Best check-in time is Tuesday

As of the time of check-in at the hotel, the lowest day of the week was Tuesday, both at home and abroad. Friday or Saturday check-in rates for weekend stays were usually about 20% higher. In terms of accommodation rating, Korean travelers used 3.5-star most this year. When a domestic accommodation is downgraded from 5-star to 4-star, the average cost is 59% cheaper, and when downgrading from 4-star to 3-star, the average cost is about 36% It was cheap. Similarly, if the overseas accommodation was lowered from 5 star to 4 star, it was possible to save about 44%, and if it was lowered from 4 star to 3 star, it was possible to save about 22%.

Meanwhile, Expedia also emphasized the use of rewards. In the case of Expedia, member-limited benefits and points can be accumulated. Silver and Zorr members can enjoy additional benefits such as room upgrades and spa credits when using VIP Access hotels. If you use the Expedia app, you can receive up to 10% discount on mobile-only hotel deals, and earn twice as many reward points for each reservation.

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