Tide Square joins Korea’s first ‘Travel Leaders Network’

Introduced the largest TMC global travel management system service in North America
Providing optimized travel services, strengthening global partnerships

Tide Square has strengthened its global partnership by joining the ‘Travel Leaders Network’, the largest Travel Management Company (TMC) in North America.

Travel Leaders Network is a business travel company with 6,000 branches and more than 40,000 travel advisory groups, and Tide Square is the first Korean travel company to join the Travel Leaders Network.

Through this, Tide Square can utilize a global travel management program optimized for business travel services such as business trips and MICE. The program includes a systematic online reservation system and marketing tools, global hotel programs such as Bonotel exclusive, SELECT, and Worldide, as well as systems necessary for management such as education and training materials, customer profile management, End-to-end technology that supports data integration analysis and more is included. Tide Square explained that efficiency in various areas, such as schedule and cost management, will be improved for overseas business trips and companies that work with foreign companies a lot.

Shin Jeong-ho, CSO of Tide Square, said, “The systematic global program of the Travel Leaders Network has proven positive effects through many examples. We plan to raise the level and provide a more personalized service to business travel customers.” He added, “We will move forward as a global company by providing innovative travel services based on this.”

Tide Square can strengthen its global partnership and provide optimized business travel services / Tide Square

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