Pope Francis: Asks to be “poor inside” instead of seeking wealth and fame

Pope Francis today encouraged societies to try to be poor on the inside and care for others, rather than continually seeking wealth, fame and success.

“The world, in fact, says that to be happy you have to be rich, powerful, always young and strong, have fame and success”Francis lamented after praying the Angelus on this day in which the Solemnity of All Saints is celebrated.

“The true fullness of life is achieved” by being “poor inside (…). Whoever believes himself to be rich, successful and secure, bases everything on himself and closes himself off to God and his brothers, while he who is conscious of being poor and if he is not self-sufficient, he remains open to God and to his neighbor.

And find joy. ” be meek, instead of trying to impose yourself; practice mercy, rather than think only of yourself; to work for justice and for peace, instead of feeding, even with collusion, injustices and inequalities “.



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