Opened ‘Yeodam’, a theme travel platform tailored to Hanjin Tourism

200 small and medium-sized travel agencies…More than 600 products in 9 themes
November’s theme of the month ‘Golf’ exhibition and various events

Hanjin Tourism has launched ‘Digression (Taking Travel)’, which provides customized package-themed tours. It is a platform that means to include travel with various themes to capture the hearts of consumers who are pursuing their own journey through a hidden gem-like trip.

In particular, ‘Digression’ is also an opportunity for mutual growth with small and medium-sized travel agencies. It was designed in a form to help business expansion through a digression using Hanjin Tourism’s brand image by forming partnerships with small and medium-sized travel agencies that lack publicity windows and have a limited customer base.

The digression opened on November 1 after a period of maintenance such as system construction and product collection. The digression also contains the brand value of discovering and connecting with special travel based on Marcel Proust’s philosophy that ‘true travel is not to see new landscapes, but to have new perspectives’.

The digression has prepared a total of 9 themed tours. Local experience, leisure/adventure, art/history, health/wellness, golf, special destinations, honeymoon, religious/cultural tour, and even education. To commemorate the service opening, a special exhibition ‘Golf’ will be presented as the theme of the month in November along with various events. An official from Yeodam said, “We plan to expand the number of partners to more than 200 and products to more than 600, and we will grow into a themed travel platform that provides useful information throughout the trip.”

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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