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Lower Saxony celebrates its 75th birthday with a grand ceremony | – news

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Lower Saxony officially celebrated its 75th birthday on Monday. The ceremony in the domed hall of the Hanover Congress Center was the highlight of the celebration marathon. The keynote address was given by Navid Kermani.

Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) greeted the 2,000 invited guests with the words: “Dear friends of the most beautiful of all 16 federal states.” In his welcoming speech, he talked about the history of the state and the virtues of the Lower Saxons, to which Weil also counts cohesion. The people in this country have proven that they can change if there is a need. According to Weil, people also have this strength to be able to cope with the challenges of the future, such as climate change, together.

State Parliament President Andretta thanks the British


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The President of the Landtag, Gabriele Andretta, also gave a speech on the occasion of the Landtag’s birthday. It was about democracy and how the British made it possible in Lower Saxony. “We are forever grateful to Great Britain and the British people for the aid they have given us in the first post-war decade,” said Andretta. In view of the crimes against humanity committed by the Germans, the trust the British had given them was “absolutely incomprehensible”. A native of Lower Saxony, who told her life story, and a Syrian who has found a new home in Lower Saxony, also had a say at the ceremony. Two schoolgirls emphasized the importance of Lower Saxony as a science location by conducting short interviews with local researchers.

Navid Kermani recalls the fate of Afghanistan

Writer Navid Kermani speaks at the ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of Lower Saxony.  © NDR

The writer Navid Kermani gave the speech on the 75th birthday of Lower Saxony.

The keynote address was given by the writer Navid Kermani. He took up the issue of Afghanistan and the meaning of foreign missions by the Bundeswehr and the West. Lower Saxony was founded by an occupying power, so Kermani. “Today we are celebrating the phenomenal success of a military intervention.” In Afghanistan the war is now over, but instead of something getting better, the little good that the Western mission has made possible has now also been destroyed, said Kermani. The question of whether the West, Europe or, more specifically, the Bundeswehr should intervene militarily in a conflict will not disappear in the future either. “On a day like this, which foreign soldiers fought for us, you shouldn’t make the answer too easy for yourself,” said Kermani. It is the task of politics to look for solutions where a situation seems hopeless. “We cannot maintain our own peace and prosperity when there is need in large parts of the world,” said Kermani.

Bishop Bode warns of the division between rich and poor

Before the ceremony in the Hanover Congress Center, the representatives from politics, church and society looked back on the history of the country in an ecumenical service in the Marktkirche in Hanover. In it, the Catholic Bishop Franz-Josef Bode from Osnabrück called for social cohesion. Those responsible in public life would have to stand up for those people who were on the fringes and who fell through the mesh in the affluent society, said Bode. He warned of an excessive economization of all areas of life “right into our thoughts and feelings” and of an ever greater division between rich and poor.

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NDR Talk Show round from October 29th, 2021

In addition to Prime Minister Weil, the former heads of government Wulff, McAllister and Glogowski were guests. more

“Our treasure”: Hundreds take part

The NDR in Lower Saxony accompanied the preparations for the state’s 75th birthday with numerous documentaries, colorful stories and the Lower Saxony moments from citizens. Hundreds of people took part in the multimedia NDR project “Our Treasure for Lower Saxony”. At the beginning of October, Prime Minister Weil opened the exhibition with the treasures collected by Lower Saxony in the State Museum in Hanover.


Stephan Weil (SPD) in the exhibition

The NDR Lower Saxony has collected personal “treasures” of the people in the state – now they can be seen in the state museum. more

75 years of Lower Saxony in moving pictures

Stories from 75 years of Lower Saxony

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Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf, the first Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, in his office in Hanover in 1951.  © dpa photo: Reinhold Leßmann

Lower Saxony was founded 75 years ago today. After the war, the first state government had to solve immense problems. more

View of the stage at a gala for the 75th birthday of the state of Lower Saxony in the state representation of Lower Saxony.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Jörg Carstensen

Less than three weeks before the official ceremony, Prime Minister Weil recalled the beginnings as a border region in Berlin. (7.10.2021) more

Flag of Lower Saxony © Fotolia Photo: JWS

NDR Niedersachsen reports on the anniversary with special programs. There is also an exhibition in the state museum. more

A collage with Ina Müller, Claus Theo Gärtner and Otto Waalkes.  © NRD, picture alliance / Geisler-Fotopress Photo: Mathias Bothor, Frederic Kern, Christoph Hardt

Reinhard Stein and Michael Thürnau are remembering celebrity stories from Lower Saxony today from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. (October 2nd, 2021) more

Poster of the dance hall

What did the state look like in 1946? And what events have shaped it since then? A dossier. more

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