Flights: Almost 70 percent of the pre-crisis level | current tourism

touristik aktuell had already reported that the upswing in air traffic will continue in the coming winter. The industry association BDL is now presenting specific figures: According to this, a total of 68 percent of the 2019/2020 flight offers at German airports have been restored in the winter flight schedule.

The rate is above average for intra-European destinations where the portfolio is 72 percent of the pre-crisis level. In particular, the range of flights to the holiday destinations of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Turkey is largely back on the market. According to the BDL, the route network as a whole has almost been restored: of the 185 European destinations that were flown to before the crisis, 183 are back in the flight plans.

In traffic to intercontinental destinations, 71 percent of the flights from 2019/2020 will be offered in winter. Of the 140 intercontinental destinations that were flown to before the crisis, 119 will be served again. Air traffic to Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Japan and India is clearly lagging behind, however, due to rigid travel restrictions.

Intra-German traffic continues to develop below average: Here, the BDL statistics show a resumption rate of only 50 percent. Reasons include a change in the choice of transport, further progress in the intermodal linking of rail and air transport as well as the elimination of travel reasons, for example due to canceled trade fairs and events.

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