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Falling infection numbers: Israel allows tourism again

Status: 01.11.2021 5:00 a.m.

In view of the falling number of infections, Israel is opening up to tourism again – but with conditions. Travelers must be vaccinated twice or have recovered. And unvaccinated children are not allowed into the country.

By Benjamin Hammer, ARD-Studio Tel Aviv

It should be 29 degrees Celsius in Tel Aviv today. Israel’s government is hoping for many tourists who also choose to travel to Israel because of the weather. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, Israel has been relatively strict by international standards. Only now, after 20 months, tourists are allowed to return to the country without a special permit. The condition: you must have been vaccinated twice against the coronavirus and the second dose must not be older than six months. A certificate from the EU stating that you have survived Covid19 disease is also accepted.

Benjamin Hammer
ARD-Studio Tel Aviv

Family travel remains difficult

Upon arrival at Tel Aviv airport, all travelers must take a PCR test. You are only allowed to leave a short quarantine if there is a negative test result. Israel remains strict on one point: Unvaccinated children are still not allowed to come. Family trips – as they are again allowed in most countries – are hardly possible.

Israel’s hotels look forward to welcoming travelers from abroad. But not everywhere: Because Israelis found it difficult to leave the country during the pandemic, they went on vacation in their own country. For some hotels, things were temporarily better, not worse, during the pandemic.

Israel had the highest infection rates in the world several times. In August and September many people were vaccinated here for the third time. All Israelis over the age of twelve could get the so-called booster vaccination. The infection rate is now falling significantly. And is now lower than in Germany.

For the first time in 20 months: Israel allows tourists to enter

Benjamin Hammer, ARD Tel Aviv, 31.10.2021 · 21:17

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