Corona requirements in companies: canteen meals according to the 2G rule

Status: 01.11.2021 10:38 a.m.

Large companies such as Bayer and Eon want to offer vaccinated employees who have recovered from a corona infection their own canteen areas in the future. Meetings according to the 2G rule should also be partially allowed.

In the future, vaccinated and convalescent people should be able to sit closer together again in the canteens of some large companies and eat without a mask or distance. As the “Rheinische Post” reports, the Leverkusen chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer has several pilot projects for canteen areas only for vaccinated and convalescent people. The utility Eon and the insurance group Ergo are also examining a comparable regulation according to their own information.

Like other companies, Bayer emphasized that non-vaccinated people would still have access to the canteens. Employees who did not have themselves vaccinated or who did not want to provide information about their vaccination status would have to live with distance rules, masks and partitions when eating. The measures are planned in close cooperation with the works council, says Bayer. The companies surveyed by the newspaper also want to keep the home office quota high.

2G rule also for meetings?

Bayer employees should also be able to join forces on their own in working groups without unvaccinated persons. “Self-organized groups (for example in multi-person or open-plan offices, in laboratories or sub-areas of production) can voluntarily apply the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) without distance or mask or hold work meetings in face-to-face meetings,” the paper quotes Companies.

Because of the increasing number of corona infections, according to a report by the “Handelsblatt”, the first companies are calling on politicians to introduce a statutory 3G rule for offices and production facilities. This means that only those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered or those who have tested negative would have access to the companies.

Companies demand clear legal requirements

In a survey by the newspaper among selected DAX companies and large family businesses, the insurer Allianz, among others, took a clear position: “Clear legal requirements from the legislature would be very helpful.” 3G would also be the “preferred solution” for Vonovia, but the legal framework made the introduction more difficult, the newspaper quotes the real estate company as saying.

The automotive supplier Continental therefore advocates 3G in the office as a “consistent continuation of the public Corona regulations”. The energy company RWE would “welcome the introduction of a legal framework for a 3G rule”. The engine manufacturer MTU and the household appliance manufacturer Miele are demanding nationwide uniform regulations.

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