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Climate conference in Glasgow: urgent appeals and first commitments

Status: 01.11.2021 4:53 p.m.

On the second day of the World Climate Conference, leading politicians once again made an urgent call for climate protection. Chancellor Merkel also campaigned for global CO2 pricing – US President Biden promised actions instead of words.

At the World Climate Conference, Chancellor Angela Merkel appealed to all states to do more to promote climate protection. You have not yet arrived where you wanted to be according to the Paris climate agreement.

The industrialized countries have a special responsibility, said Merkel. That is why Germany wants to make its contribution and save a total of 65 percent of emissions by 2030 compared to 1990. By 2045, the Federal Republic wants to be climate neutral.

Angela Merkel: “The reduction targets submitted by the signatory states do not result in what we agreed in Paris.”

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Chancellor for global CO2 price

In addition, Germany wants to strengthen the protection of forests through other projects, among other things, and be part of an initiative with South Africa in which one is trying to get out of the use of coal.

The Chancellor also campaigned for a global carbon price. “We will not move forward with government activities alone,” she said. It is about a comprehensive transformation of life and business. “That is why I want to make a clear plea here for pricing carbon emissions.”

With such a price one could get the industry to find the technologically best way to achieve climate neutrality. “In the decade of action in which we now live, to be more ambitious nationally, but to find global instruments that not only use taxpayers’ money, but that are economically sensible. And for me that is CO2 pricing.”

USA pledge to achieve climate targets

US President Joe Biden also made a brief statement at the start of the second day. In it he promised that the US would achieve its climate goals. This means that emissions will be reduced by more than a gigaton, or 50 to 52 percent, by 2030, says Biden in Glasgow. It is a moral and economic imperative to tackle climate change. The US is not only back at the table, it is also taking a leadership role. His government will act, not just words.

China’s President Xi Jinping had previously published a message to the international community. According to state media, he called not only to do more for climate protection, but also to help the emerging countries to get better. Xi explains that everyone should do the best they can to counter climate change. China’s President – like Russia’s President Vladimir Putin – only attended the conference via video link. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also canceled his participation, but only at short notice.

No strong signal from the G20 summit

197 nations negotiate for two weeks at the UN climate conference in Glasgow on the further implementation of the Paris climate protection agreement of 2015. It provides for the limitation of global warming to well below two degrees, ideally 1.5 degrees, compared to the pre-industrial age.

However, the G20 summit in Rome at the weekend did not provide the signal that many would have wished for the summit in Glasgow. The countries of the G20 group, which are responsible for 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, could only agree on a minimal consensus.

The goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial age was confirmed, but a target date was not given. Even with the desired CO2 neutrality, the states could not agree on a specific date. This is now to be achieved “by or around the middle of the century”.

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