Cebu Pacific completes 100% inoculation of flight attendants ‘Safe boarding’

In response to the increasing demand for domestic and foreign travel in the Philippines
Inoculate all active duty crew members

Cebu Pacific announced on the 1st that 100% of its crew members had been vaccinated / Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific, the national airline of the Philippines, has completed 100% vaccination of its crew. This is to actively prepare for the increase in domestic and foreign travel demand at a time when entry restrictions are being relaxed around the world.

Cebu Pacific launched its own vaccination program ‘COVID Protect’ to fully inoculate active duty crew members, and entered into a partnership with a local government agency in the Philippines. All staff members who come in contact with passengers, including cabin crew, check-in staff, and baggage workers, and family members living with them have all been vaccinated.

Felix Lopez, Vice President of Human Resources at Cebu Pacific, said, “We are happy to secure a higher level of safety at the time when travel restrictions in the Philippines are being eased. I will,” he said.

Meanwhile, Cebu Pacific is the first airline partner of the Philippine government’s vaccination recommendation program (Ingat Angat). Currently, 98% of all employees have been vaccinated, and since March of this year, we are working hard on international vaccine shipments to supply vaccines in the Philippines.

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