As the Korean tour begins, the foreign tourism agency is ‘busy’

Saudi, Portugal, Hong Kong and France B2B events only in October
With Corona, Tourism Office offline activities likely to increase

As the number of overseas trips by Koreans increased little by little, the foreign tourism agency in Korea became busy. It is actively engaging with the Korean market by holding online workshops and webinars as well as offline events.

In October alone, Saudi Arabia, Portugal and Hong Kong Tourism Board communicated with the travel industry online. At the event, they prepared for the upcoming trip by sharing the latest news by various travel destinations and destinations. Saudi Arabia Tourism Agency, which opened in October, introduced major tourist destinations such as Al-Ahsa, Riyadh, Dammam, and Jeddah, as well as local DMC AL SHITAIWI TOURS and Qatar Airways’ Saudi Arabian Airlines products (Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh and Medina). did.

In the case of the Portuguese Tourism Agency, Inês P. Queiroz, the recently appointed director of the Korea-Japan region, met with domestic officials for the first time. Ines Quiroz, Director of the Board of Directors, said, “From January to August this year, the number of visitors to Portugal increased by 7.4% and the number of hotel stays by 11.8% compared to the same period of the previous year. “The Korean market, which had only 10,000 visitors in 2009, has grown 20 times to 205,551 in 2019,” he said.

In particular, the French Tourism Agency held the ‘French Days In Seoul 2021’ event for travel agencies, media and influencers from October 26 to 28. The first hybrid event that combined online and offline was held at the French Embassy in Korea since the Corona virus, and it communicated with local people through 1:1 meetings. Thirteen French companies participated, including the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Regional Tourism Office, MacArthur Glen Designer Outlet, Tahiti Tourism Office, Lille Tourism Information Office, and Samariten Department Store. Over three days, 90 industry officials held a total of 266 meetings with local companies and showed great interest in traveling to France.

Corinne Fulkier, head of the French Tourism Agency, said, “I feel that the demand for travel to France is rapidly increasing, especially among young people, honeymooners, and high-end customers. ” he said. “The Tourism Administration will provide the necessary support for the travel industry to prepare related products,” he added.

This atmosphere continues even in November when the With Corona virus enters the world. Already, events such as the Hong Kong Tourism Board Wine & Dine Festival, the German Tourism Board Travel Week 2021, and the Italian Government Office Italian Gourmet Week will be held online and offline. A travel industry official said, “As the demand for overseas travel is expected to increase significantly from January next year, when the With Corona 3 phase is expected to enter, the activity of the Foreign Tourism Agency will be wider.”

The French Tourism Agency held the first online/offline hybrid event since COVID-19. ‘French Days In Seoul 2021’ was held at the French Embassy in Korea for 3 days from October 26th to 28th, and an online 1:1 meeting was held with a French company / Reporter Lee Seong-gyun

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