And the day: Wagenknecht sees no personal responsibility for left election debacles

01.11.2021 – 04:15

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Berlin (ots)

The left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht has resolutely rejected shared responsibility for the left’s poor result in the general election. “Surveys and election results that show us a blatant loss of trust in the electorate existed long before my book,” said the politician in an interview with the Berlin newspaper “nd.DerTag” (Monday edition). Among other things, she referred to the 2019 European elections, in which the left received only 5.5 percent of the vote. The party leadership at the time did not react to this “warning shot” and “went back to the agenda,” complained the former chairman of the left-wing parliamentary group in the Bundestag.

A number of left-wing politicians had assigned Wagenknecht significant responsibility for the election debacle. Among other things, they complain that the prominent politician and author attacked her own party for months in talk shows, interviews and in her book “The Self-Righteous”, published in April. Wagenknecht had accused the left, among other things, of neglecting its core issue of social justice in favor of working for climate protection, against racism and for refugees.

Compared to “nd.DerTag” Wagenknecht emphasized that she wanted to help her party with her book. She also wished for a successful Bundestag election campaign, but mistakes were made in that too. In connection with her criticism that the Left had “submissively offered itself as a coalition partner,” Wagenknecht named Susanne Hennig-Wellsow. The co-chairwoman of the left advocated unconditional co-government. At the same time Wagenknecht stressed that she was against personnel debates. “We should discuss objectively why we have disappointed so many people,” she demanded. If it does not succeed in “regaining the lost trust, Die Linke will soon be history,” warned Wagenknecht.

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