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01.11.2021 – 16:15

DIB German Institute for Funeral Culture GmbH

Bad Wildungen (ots)

Mr. Hubing, what is important when it comes to good funeral provisions?

Hermann Hubing: As with most important things, I make sure that I take care of them in good time. The aim should be that everything is settled for “Day X” and that the funeral and the time afterwards everything goes as you want it to.

Most people don’t like to think about the end of their life. What is the best way to start?

The best way to do this is to contact the undertaker you trust or look for one. Their expert advice helps to overcome this inhibition threshold, which is completely understandable from a human point of view. It also helps to realize that everything that you can actively determine and initiate yourself ultimately relieves the burden on those who are left behind.

Does it make sense to involve relatives at an early stage?

Makes sense. Firstly, it also takes some of the worries out of the relatives when they know that they no longer have to worry about a dignified burial. They also learn how to wish for a funeral, funeral service, grave maintenance, etc. Then they can actively help shape and later act in the interests of the deceased.

How important is this central idea of ​​participation in one’s own funeral?

Based on experience, I would say very important. Most people have an idea of ​​how they want to be buried. It is therefore only logical to ensure that this idea also becomes reality.

How do you do it best?

If you really want to be sure that your own ideas are implemented, it is advisable to transfer the right to care for the dead to your undertaker in your will. Then all that remains is to clarify the financial situation.

A funeral provision helps here?

Absolutely, because with good provisions I can ensure that enough financial resources are available for a dignified burial that fully meets my expectations. Incidentally, this also relieves the bereaved not insignificantly.

Do you offer support here with the German Institute for Funeral Culture?

As a subsidiary of the Hessian Undertaker Association, the DIB is actually a service company and educational institute for the undertaker’s trade. We also advise interested private individuals, for example when looking for a trustworthy undertaker or tailor-made funeral provisions.

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