▷ Verdi warns of wave of warning strikes in the public services of the federal states

01.11.2021 – 01:00

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Verdi warns of a wave of warning strikes in the public services of the federal states

Vice Behle: Great outrage over “pejorative” behavior on the part of employers – Less money for nurses?

Osnabrück. The service union Verdi warns of an escalation of the collective bargaining conflict in the public service of the federal states. The deputy Verdi chairwoman Christine Behle told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”: “If there is no reasonable offer in the second round of negotiations, we will strike longer nationwide and call on many more employees to go on a warning strike.” The second round of talks begins this Monday (November 1st) in Potsdam. Lower Saxony’s finance minister, Reinhold Hilbers (CDU), is the state negotiator.

According to Behle, participation in the first warning strikes has already shown: “There is great outrage about the behavior of employers. The fact that negotiator Reinhold Hilbers only talks about temporary benefits in the crisis and devalues ​​the work of the employees is a benefit for the employees Workers really open up. They don’t feel valued in any way. And that will bring them to the streets too. “

Verdi is asking for five percent more money or at least 150 euros. The employers reject the demand as being far exaggerated. According to Behle, they not only refuse to fully compensate for inflation. In addition, according to the union, they are also trying to “reduce pay through new classifications”.

“Mr. Hilbers says he doesn’t want to dig into anyone’s pocket. But the employers’ proposal looks different”, criticized Behle and added: “One thing is what you say, the other is what you do.”

The trade unionist explained that in the future, according to the employers’ ideas, each individual activity of an employee should be evaluated for classification. For a nurse this means: “How do I rate patient washing, how do I rate tablet placement, how do I rate it when something falls down and the nurse has to wipe something away from time to time” is determined. ” On this basis, the collective bargaining grouping should then be decided. “Nobody can tell me,” said Behle, “that the goal is not to pay less. And of course we won’t go along with that.”

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