▷ Turning point: electric Opel Rocks-e can be ordered from 7,990 euros

01.11.2021 – 13:58

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Ruesselsheim (ots)

  • The SUM era is now starting: “Sustainable Urban Mobility” at an attractive special price
  • SUM individuality times three: As Opel Rocks-e, Rocks-e Klub and Rocks-e TeKno
  • SUM for young people aged 15 and over (1): New city electric car is “My first Opel” for many

Completely new, completely electric – and already available to order: This is Opel’s first SUM (for “Sustainable Urban Mobility”) – the new Opel Rocks-e. The completely new type of city electric vehicle for two is the emission-free entry-level electric vehicle that you can afford. Because the new Opel Rocks-e is available from 7,990 euros (all prices include VAT). In addition, the financing rate for the City-Stromer will be at the monthly level of a ticket for local public transport. This is how electromobility can be experienced by young people aged 15 and over – the Rocks-e can be driven with an AM (1) driving license.

“With the start of orders for our new Opel Rocks-e, we are now making it possible for everyone, from young novice drivers to inner-city commuters, to switch to electromobility at an affordable price , bold design, extremely compact dimensions and an appearance that is as functional as it is unconventional in every respect, “says Opel Germany boss Andreas Marx.

Opel Rocks-e: The entry-level electric vehicle with everything that counts

The emission-free, 2.41 meters short and 1.39 meters (without exterior mirrors) slim city electric vehicle for two people opens up the way to electric mobility, especially for beginners. Since the Opel Rocks-e, which weighs 471 kilograms (including traction battery), is officially classified as a light vehicle, young people aged 15 and over with an AM (1) driving license are allowed to drive it. Even the basic version, which is available for 7,990 euros, offers the smart entry-level electric vehicle a range of up to 75 kilometers according to WLTP (2), which can be covered at up to 45 km / h. This makes the new Opel ideal for everyday city traffic – and with a turning circle of just 7.20 meters, it is easy to steer through tight bends or into small parking spaces.

The 5.5 kWh battery in the Opel Rocks-e can be fully recharged in around 3.5 hours using a normal household socket. The associated three meter long charging cable is permanently housed in the SUM vehicle and is simply pulled out of the passenger door when required. Opel offers an adapter for charging at a public charging station.

Typical Rocks-e are the two-tone front and rear views as well as the characteristic Opel brand face. Like every new model, the smart city electric car proudly wears the Opel Vizor at the front. Side skirts and other body panels underline the robust appearance of the unconventional two-seater. The identically designed doors – the front passenger door swings forward, the driver’s door opens in the opposite direction towards the rear – can be closed with Opel yellow accented loops.

Opel Rocks-e Klub and Opel Rocks-e TeKno: more color in electric life

Ultimately, the Opel Rocks-e Klub and Opel Rocks-e TeKno equipment, which can be ordered for 8,790 euros each, are absolute eye-catchers. They bring even more color into the game with additional features. Both variants come with clean hub caps in the x-design and set additional accents on the driver and passenger side with vertical black decorative stripes. In addition, panels on the front and rear aprons at the Rocks-e Klub in Kosmik gray and at the Rocks-e TeKno in electro yellow attract attention. The interior also picks up on the individual color pattern – with appropriately colored storage nets and bag hooks on the door as well as cosmic gray and electric yellow inserts in the instrument and center console. The seams in the floor mats also shine in their characteristic color.

When it comes to infotainment preparation, Rocks-e Klub and Rocks-e TeKno have a smartphone holder centrally mounted on the center console and DAT connectivity as standard. If desired, the battery-electric Stromer can also be equipped with a Bluetooth hands-free system for your own smartphone. In this way, the Opel Rocks-e becomes a fully networked SUM at all times.

What all three Rocks-e variants have in common is the standard maximum use of space with minimal dimensions: the two seats are slightly offset next to each other so that the driver can move his seat over a large adjustment range and the front passenger has comfortable legroom. In addition to the hook for the shopping bag, the Rocks-e also offers additional storage space of up to 63 liters in the passenger footwell for taking various utensils with you. In addition, a compartment behind the two seats provides additional space for a sports bag, for example.

At the top, on the other hand, there is ample headroom for people over 1.90 meters. The standard panoramic glass roof ensures a light, pleasant atmosphere in the interior, which is unusual for a vehicle in this price category. Drivers have the best all-round view through the large windows, so that the term “one size fits all” applies to the new Opel Rocks-e in every respect.

The new Opel Rocks-e is in Germany as of now online – also from home – orderable. Participating Opel partners will offer product advice, test drives and support for the online ordering process. The first vehicles will be delivered to dealers this year.

(1) Driving license class AM. Applies to four-wheeled light vehicles with a rated continuous power / net power of no more than 6 kW, each with no more than two seats and a maximum speed of no more than 45 km / h determined by the design.

(2) The specified – preliminary – range was determined using the WLTP test procedure (Regulation (EC) No. 715/2007 and Regulation (EU) No. 2017/1151). The actual range can vary under everyday conditions and depends on various factors, in particular personal driving style, route characteristics, outside temperature, use of heating and air conditioning as well as thermal preconditioning.

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