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▷ The immune system as a blockbuster: “In short” founder with the first audio book

01.11.2021 – 18:00

Audiobook Hamburg

Hamburg (ots)

“Immun” – the first audio book by Philipp Dettmer, founder of the internationally successful YouTube science channel “Kurzgesagt”

Who would have thought our immune system was like a compelling science fiction movie? Philipp Dettmer, founder and head of the YouTube channel “Kurzgesagt”, makes it his task in his videos to explain complicated thoughts simply and clearly. In his first audiobook he takes on our immune system and brings us closer to its complexity with ingenious comparisons and humorous explanations – fitting at a time when many want to know more precisely how our body’s immune defense actually works. “Immun” will be read by Christoph Jablonka, who should already be known to “Kurzgesagt” enthusiasts as the German voice of knowledge videos. [Hörprobe]

We are under attack every second of our lives. Bacteria, viruses, fungal spores and other living things want to invade our body, steal our energy and make us sick. But then they are attacked by a huge army of cells, our immune system. The cells fight like a T-Rex at speed and sacrifice their own lives for us. Without an immune system, we would die in seconds. It sounds simple, but in reality it’s complicated, beautiful and just amazing.

The gripping representation of a complex system – an extraordinary listening experience

In 700 thrilling minutes of running time, we dive into this strange, highly complex and beautiful system called our immune system with Christoph Jablonka and his unmistakable narrative voice. This is ear cinema and knowledge entertainment at its best.

The audio book “Immune – Everything about the fascinating system that keeps us alive” is now available for download and on CD.

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