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▷ The audio boom continues! – Audiobooks, radio plays and podcasts more popular than ever

01.11.2021 – 10:24

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Suggestion for moderation: The book fair in Frankfurt has only just ended. But what many may not even suspect: hearing is well on the way to becoming the new way of reading for many people. And not just in Germany, but in many European countries. This was the result of a current study on listening culture in Germany and Europe. My colleague Helke Michael tells us more about the “Hörkompass 2021”.

Speaker: The new Audible Hörkompass 2021 took a close look at hearing behavior in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Great Britain as part of a representative Kantar Public survey.

O-Ton 1 (Oliver Daniel, 12 sec.): “And the result: Europe listens. 45 percent have heard audio books, podcasts or radio plays in the past twelve months. In Germany it is 42 percent, and Spain is the front runner when it comes to listening . ”

Speaker: Explains Audible Germany boss Oliver Daniel. In Europe, people prefer to listen to relaxation and we Germans especially like to hear while driving or cooking.

O-Ton 2 (Oliver Daniel, 16 sec.): “And what stands out: The trend is clearly going digital and smart: Three quarters of those surveyed in Europe stated that they play the content on their smartphones or tablets. Smart speakers Speakers connected to the Internet are already being used by a quarter of those surveyed. ”

Speaker: When it comes to listening, 70 percent of Germans want a large selection of titles.

O-Ton 3 (Oliver Daniel, 31 sec.): “But also exclusive audio content and that bestselling authors develop stories especially for listening – that is particularly important to Germans. At Audible, we offer exactly that and benefit from the Experience of our European, but also worldwide teams. We use this unique wealth of experience in the development and production of great listening experiences, which is in the interests of the many German listeners – so that the audio boom continues and even more people in Germany can be enthusiastic about audio books and podcasts. ”

Suggestion for moderation: You can find all the results of the recently published “Hörkompass 2021” as well as a huge selection of audio books, radio plays and podcasts to download online at

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