▷ Study on World Men’s Day 2021: Men are catching up on prevention

01.11.2021 – 07:35


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For more than 20 years, on November 3rd, World Men’s Day, attempts have been made to raise awareness of health issues among men. This is about physical, but also psychological suffering. On the occasion of World Men’s Day, the digital insurance manager CLARK, in collaboration with YouGov, asked German men how they design their health care and deal with prevention issues. One thing is certain: more than every third man (42 percent) does not take any preventive measures [1]. Nevertheless, there is a positive trend among men who go to preventive care.

Men overtake women when it comes to health prevention

Last year, CLARK found that men take up health prevention offers significantly less than women. But in the past twelve months, a lot seems to have happened in terms of preventive care for men: For example, 18 percent of German men were in the early detection of skin cancer [1], a year ago it was five percent less (13 percent) [2]. This year, 17 percent of the male participants in the CLARK study also took precautionary measures against colon cancer. 19 percent had a preventive examination against prostate cancer. These two values ​​were 11 percentage points in the previous year.

It can therefore only be assumed that the corona pandemic has not only made people more aware of health issues in general, but has also spurred men in particular to more preventive health care.

How can you insure yourself in addition to regular preventive care?

Men seem to be increasingly well positioned on the “pension front”. However, many health insurances do not take over the provision or only under certain conditions. The fitting Supplementary health insurance can not only help to take preventive measures, but also cover the costs of treatment in the event of illness. Even in the event of an emergency, there are ways to be better protected in the future. Not only physical but also mental suffering can lead to the fact that one can no longer do one’s work. A great way is to use your own manpower with one Disability insurance get covered. What many do not know: There is a difference between occupational disability insurance and disability insurance. “You are considered incapacitated for a foreseeable future, but you can be incapacitated for the rest of your working life,” said the CLARK insurance experts. “Many insurers offer one Incapacity insurance as an addition to an occupational disability insurance. If you want to secure your own health and workforce, you should seek competent and independent advice in order to be protected according to your own needs. ”

Even if there is an increase in awareness in some areas: Men can and should continue to take more care of their health. Because preventive measures can protect against illness or enable early action.

[1] About the study: The data used are based on an online survey by YouGov Deutschland GmbH, in which 1,025 people took part between September 20 and 24, 2021. The results were weighted and are representative of the German population aged 18 and over.

[2] About the study: The data used is based on an online survey by YouGov Deutschland GmbH, in which 2064 people took part between October 26, 2020 and October 28, 2020. The results were weighted and are representative of the German population aged 18 and over.

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