▷ Qatar introduces compulsory health insurance for foreign workers

01.11.2021 – 09:39

Embassy of the State of Qatar in Berlin

Berlin (ots)

The state of Qatar passed a new law to improve worker protection. Employers are therefore obliged to offer health insurance for foreign employees and their families.

Foreign workers make up up to 90 percent of the population of the state of Qatar. So far, they have had free access to basic public services against payment of a small fee. However, employers were not obliged to offer additional health insurance.

Under the new law, visitors to the state of Qatar are also required to take out health insurance that covers the time of their stay in the country.

“The protection and health of all workers in our country are very important to us and the State of Qatar has taken an important step with this measure, especially to further improve the situation of foreign workers,” said His Excellency, the Ambassador of the State of Qatar in of the Federal Republic of Germany, Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al-Thani.

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