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Munich (ots)

Wolfsburg defeated the Eisbären in “what felt like a playoff game” 5: 4 in overtime. Or, as Grizzlys match winner Archibald put it: after a “very tough battle”. Berlin’s next opponent are the Straubing Tigers (Tuesday from 7.15 p.m. live on MagentaSport), who demanded everything from Adler Mannheim and only lost 4: 3 in the penalty shoot-out. “We showed character and kept coming back,” said Straubing’s Akeson, classifying the game. Returning Dennis Endras saved Mannheim’s success: “That was hard work.” The Iserlohn Roosters returned from the Corona break with a 3: 4 defeat against Nuremberg. Head Coach Brad Trapper addressed his surroundings with emotional words: “To the players and families: We miss you and think of you.” With less spectacle, but more game schedule discipline, the Cologne EC defeated the much improved Krefeld 1-0.

The following are the most important voices of the DEL Sunday games – if you use them, please name the source MagentaSport. The 19th matchday is already on Tuesday. Among other things with the Eisbären Berlin against the Straubing Tigers – from 7.15 p.m. live on MagentaSport.

Grizzlys Wolfsburg – Eisbären Berlin 5: 4 OT

The Grizzlys Wolfsburg win the top game against the Eisbären Berlin at a peat festival in overtime. Wolfsburg’s match winner Darren Archibald: “It was a tough battle from both sides … It’s always a good feeling when I get on the top scorer list. But that was a team success. We stayed with our game and showed a lot of commitment. Our power play was outstanding and we could take the victory with us. “

After the defeat, the Eisbären Berlin are only one point ahead of the Grizzlys Wolfsburg in 3rd place. Kevin Clark on a crazy game: “The game completely reversed in 1:15 minutes in the second period. We were able to take the lead again in the last period, but we gave it away. It could have gone in any direction … You can see the game, and without being disrespectful to the other teams, but they are two very strong teams. That made me feel like a playoff game. “

The link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=187OlCBiUGc

Adler Mannheim – Straubing Tigers 4:3 SO

The Adler Mannheim celebrate their 8th win in a row and continue to stand out at the top of the table. Dennis Endras returned to the ice after a long injury break: “It’s fun to be back on the ice here … We lost in Straubing and we wanted to change that so that we could win here today. We did it. But it was hard work.”

In an insane ice hockey game, the Straubinger were able to equalize again and again, but then had to admit defeat in the penalty shootout. Jason Akeson, 1 goal and 2 assists, on the unlucky defeat: “The team did a good job … We showed character and kept coming back. If Mannheim’s goalie doesn’t make as many saves, or we are a little more lucky with the bouncers, things can turn out differently. At least we have took a point. “

The link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ_0QceLM-U

Cologne Sharks – Krefeld Penguins 1-0

The Kölner Haie tremble to a close victory in the small Rhine derby against Krefeld. The third win in a row and a shutout for Justin Pogge. Matchwinner Quinton Howden: “That was a difficult game. We knew they would play hard and would be a good team. To win the game like this is very good for us … We stuck to our schedule and didn’t give Krefeld many chances . Pogge then showed a couple of strong saves and that helped us. “

An unnecessary defeat for the Krefeld Penguins, as Alexander Blank found: “I think we made too many individual mistakes, too often lost the disc. They took their chance once and we didn’t. That’s why it was 1-0 in the end … We couldn’t score a goal today. The goalkeeper has today done a good job with them. Hats off. “

Nevertheless, the increase in performance in Krefeld is worth seeing: “At the beginning of the season we lost 6-0 against Cologne at home. Now it’s only 1-0 here. We have to start shooting against the goals. But you can see that we are getting better as a team and are sticking together more and more . If we keep it up, we will get a lot more points this season. “

The link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyTIvCMF21E

Nürnberg Ice Tigers – Iserlohn Roosters 4:3

After a difficult week with many corona cases, coach Brad Tapper addressed his entire environment before the game with emotional words: “To the players and their families at home: We miss you and think of you. To our fans in Iserlohn: We love you and thank you for your great support. We have a strong group and had a strong training week and will do our best . We look forward to playing again. “

After the narrow defeat, the sporting director, Christian Hommel said: “Everything is actually fine, except that we didn’t take any points. I think you have to give the spectators who traveled with us and also our team the highest respect. Great praise. You can work out what the guys did today. Nevertheless, you have to they say that we didn’t play that smart in one or the other situation … The league is just too good and you just can’t afford to make these little mistakes. “

The link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7O_EEoiU7A

The 19th matchday in the PENNY DEL LIVE at a glance:

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021

From 7.15 p.m .: Eisbären Berlin – Straubing Tigers, ERC Ingolstadt – Augsburger Panther, Kölner Haie – Schwenninger Wild Wings, Krefeld Penguins – Grizzlys Wolfsburg

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

From 7.15 p.m .: Adler Mannheim – Iserlohn Roosters, Bietigheim Steelers – Nürnberg Ice Tigers, Pinguins Bremerhaven – EHC Red Bull Munich

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