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SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 23 / PRNewswire /

Mobile operators, third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and mobile device recyclers used FutureDial’s SMART Grade (TM) robots to scan and assess the cosmetic condition of over 1.5 million Android smartphones and iPhones so that they can be used up Secondary markets can be reused

FutureDial, the world’s leading provider of automation software and robotics for the mobile device supply chain, announced today that its customers are using its SMART Grade (TM) robots for scanning, cosmetic grading, and valuation of over 1.5 million Android smartphones and Have used Apple iPhones. FutureDial’s SMART Grade (TM) robots are used around the world by tier-1 cellular operators, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), trade-in / buy-back companies and cell phone remanufacturing companies to Accurately classify mobile devices for resale. It is estimated that the threshold of 2 million devices rated by the SMART Grade (TM) robots will be reached by the end of the year.

Robots provide efficient, repeatable, and accurate classification of mobile devices for resale

Every year, used Android smartphones and iPhones are processed through trade-in and buy-back programs as part of the take-back logistics industry and the mobile device supply chain. The recycling industry is increasingly automating with the help of robots and software solutions that take the guesswork out of certifying the condition and functionality of cell phones to determine resale value in secondary markets. Robots like FutureDial’s SMART Grade (TM) take on more of the burden of carefully inspecting and classifying numerous phones passing through machining centers around the world. “Our SMART-grade robots have proven themselves in large quantities with large freight forwarders and other logistics customers, and now we are celebrating this milestone in evaluating 1.5 million devices with our solution,” said Frank Harbist, President and CEO of FutureDial . “We pride ourselves on our customers trusting our SMART Grade robot, which provides a consistent, repeatable rating for many different phone brands and models, delivering a level of resale value accuracy that has a positive impact on their bottom line. “

“Leaving money on the table” due to incorrectly rated cell phones is a thing of the past with SMART Grade (TM)

Hidden quality costs can affect the resale value of phones in the secondary market, and cell phone refurbishing companies often inadvertently leave money on the table because of inaccurate cosmetic assessments or misjudgment of functional condition. Steve Manning, FutureDial’s Chief Strategy Officer, points out this often overlooked aspect of quality costs and how robotics like SMART Grade help companies optimize their bottom line: “It’s often overlooked how much money is made by selling them By removing human subjectivity and errors from the valuation process, remanufacturing and reselling companies can streamline their business operations through more accurate grading and pricing. Both overpriced and undervalued products harm mobile device sellers as undervalued phones at suboptimal prices are sold and overrated phones are usually returned, increasing handling costs. “

The achievement of these 1.5 million mobile phones confirms the market trend towards automation and FutureDial’s leading position in providing automation solutions that add real value to the company.

Information on FutureDial

FutureDial was founded in 1999 and is the leading provider of automation software and robot solutions for the preparation of used Android and iOS mobile devices for resale. The user-friendly, ADISA-certified, automated SMART Processing Platform (TM) from FutureDial, consisting of software and robots, reduces the number of operations in the processing centers and thus saves time and money for buy-back trade-in companies, third-party logistics Providers (3PLs), wireless carriers, and other service companies that operate in the mobile device supply chain. visit http://www.futuredial.com or send an email to [email protected]

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