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Hamburg (ots)

the Online Marketing Agency InternetServiceAgentur.com is a specialist in the service areas SEO-Consulting, SEA Adwords, Content-Marketing and Social Media Marketing. In a complex and difficult to understand industry, the agency wants to create trust through absolute Comprehensibility and transparency. With simply smart craft and solution-oriented ideas, InternetServiceAgentur.com positions itself on the agency market – and differentiates itself at the same time.

In the offer of Online Marketing Agency In addition to classic online marketing services such as search engine optimization, there are also measures and products such as Webdesign and programming as well as the creation of logos and print products.

We understand them needs of our customers, theirs market and the Processesthat are necessary for efficient marketing. And we like to share our understanding with our customers “, explains Wohlgemuth.” Our mission is: More traffic, more growth and more sales!“For this, campaigns with a strategy are developed based on the target group and divided into individual measures.

We score with experience. It is not uncommon for companies to come to one for advice effective online strategy. Our concept works with building blocks. SEO Consulting, Google Ads We always focus on content. the goals are mostly a growth the visibility at optimal Performance. If we jointly discover that the website on which the marketing is being channeled is out of date, or that the logo or CI no longer fits the desired, professional external image, then we have that too suitable professionals in the team“.

The strengths of this system are obvious – the internet service agency has already designed projects of every conceivable size and brought them to a successful conclusion based on experience on the customer side, from private individuals to corporate groups.

Heiko Wohlgemuth describes the philosophy behind his approach: “We think differently than we are used to. Quality Campaigns have to not complicated be. In the end, the best solutions fit on a beer mat. This is how our leitmotif came about “Simple is smart“. Why should one use expensive and lengthy processes in agencies to buy services that can be obtained quickly, comprehensively and easily? We offer our customers a smart solution for every task in marketing“.

With the certification and award of the Google partner logo, Google confirms the online marketing agency’s knowledge and successful work in the field of search engine advertising Google Ads. It is often not easy for customers and prospects to see which agency has in-depth knowledge of Google Ads (SEA). The steadily growing number of SEA and online marketing agencies is too big and confusing. For this reason, too, the search engine provider gives its seal of approval “Google Partner“in the form of a logo.

The requirements for recognized partners are complex: This includes both an extensive online exam and proof of the budget to be managed. The background here is not to only accept partners with a high willingness to invest. Rather, by setting such a sum, it can be demonstrated that the work with appropriate Budgets is unproblematic for the executing agency. Thus, with this criterion, Google simultaneously protects the end customer who gives the agency their money for administration. At the same time, it is easy to see whether the provider of the SEA services is an experienced service provider.

The last criterion – the company’s performance – also certifies the agency’s long-term and stable orientation. In doing so, positive company growth and successful customer loyalty and new acquisition must be proven.

With 20 years of experience In online marketing and search engine advertising, we bring the required criteria with us: The team has enormous knowledge of performance, optimization, concepts, etc. Otherwise it would not be possible to work so successfully for our customers in recent years and to look after them. The partner logo is less of a proof for us, but rather for our customers and interested parties. It shows that Google also rates our campaigns as successful“.

Of the Partner-Status goes hand in hand with the requirement to develop further and to stay up to date on innovations and changes in the field of search engine advertising. Heiko Wohlgemuth describes it like this: “What is considered the standard for placing advertising in search engines today does not necessarily have to be the best approach tomorrow. We always want to offer our customers the smartest solution. So we always have to know what Google itself calls smart“.

You can get more information by talking to Managing Director Heiko Wohlgemuth or on the following information pages:

Zur Agentur: https://www.internetserviceagentur.com
Google Ads : https://www.internetserviceagentur.com/leistungen/sea-adwords.html
Webdesign : https://www.internetserviceagentur.com/leistungen/webdesign-agentur.html

Press contact:

Contact person / press contact:

Heiko Wohlgemuth
Bergedorfer Schloßstrasse 9
21029 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 735 08 249
Car: +49 176 11 11 10 88
[email protected]

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