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01.11.2021 – 12:06


Hanover (ots)

Leading scientists from AI research and IT are calling on the SPD, Greens and FDP in an open letter today, Monday, to refrain from expanding autonomous weapons systems in a possible coalition agreement at federal level. This is reported by the online magazine Telepolis.

The previous experience with such combat systems shows that the danger of civilian casualties is increasing massively, the letter said Online-Magazin Telepolis pre-published. “A machine ‘sees’ a person only as a long list of numbers and does not ‘understand’ the value of a human life. It cannot ‘understand’ the far-reaching effects of its ‘decisions’,” write researchers from several universities.

They also criticize the fact that the public discourse about arming drones has so far not adequately reflected the danger of a creeping automation of warfare. “This debate needs to be conducted,” said the scientists.

With the arming of drones, a critical threshold for the automation of warfare is finally exceeded: towards the development of weapons whose attack on people is automated, without further human decision, supervision or the possibility of aborting them.

These scenarios are not a distant dystopia, the letter continues. In June of this year, the United Nations announced that a drone was believed to have carried out a fully autonomous attack in Libya.

“This incident shows as an example: With the spread of armed drones, the global expansion of autonomous weapons beyond the technologically leading states is foreseeable and so far neither can be controlled nor stopped”, the letter to the possible future governing parties said.

The appeal was signed by researchers from German and Austrian universities as well as the University of Oxford and University College London.

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