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01.11.2021 – 10:37


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There are things that don’t need to be improved. The crispy bread baked with love at home is absolutely not comparable to the industrially produced bread in the supermarket. But modern technology in the kitchen can make our lives a lot easier.

Cold or scalding hot water in a flash

The alarm clock rings too early again and with half-closed eyes we start our morning walk into the kitchen. Then we fill the kettle with water to make tea or coffee a few minutes later. Do you know this situation? Wouldn’t it be better if you could sleep a few minutes longer instead? With the intelligent kitchen faucets GROHE Red® no problem – the faucet delivers to you at the push of a button 100 ° C hot water. You’ll also save time on cooking, sterilizing dishes or baby bottles, removing grease, and wherever you need boiling hot water. While heating from 1 liter to 100 ° C with a 2,000W ceramic hob takes about 7 minutes, thanks to GROHE Red technology you don’t have to wait a single second. However, the manufacturer has also thought of safety and has equipped the kitchen fittings with child safety and innovative technology so that you or the little ones do not get burned.

Do you not drink tap water due to the smack of heavy metals, chlorine and lime, but at the same time want to protect the environment and avoid buying plastic bottles in the future? Then they are Kitchen faucets with GROHE Blue® technology the right solution. Thanks to this exclusive technology, you can, for example, enjoy fresh, filtered water with 100% taste straight from the tap. And how do you like your water – still, medium, sparkling or cool? No problem with the GROHE Blue®.

Do you like to bake, but your hands are naturally dirty with the dough? Then you will love the GROHE Minta Touch faucets. You are with the EasyTouch-Technologie which ensures that you only have to touch the fitting with your wrist or forearm. You no longer have to operate the lever when your hands are dirty from cooking, which in turn saves a lot of time and is particularly hygienic.

The faucet’s best friend? The sink!

Sinks are part of every countertop in the kitchen. Depending on the space available, you can choose between one Sink with a basin, a more generous one Double sink or an interesting one Corner sink Select. In addition, it can be equipped with a drainer, which is particularly useful when washing dishes.

Wash also have to endure a lot. Regardless of whether it is hot water, chemical cleaning agents, the frequent removal of dishes or sometimes bumps. Which material is best for your kitchen?

·Stainless steel sink – it is tough and corrosion-resistant. In addition, it withstands high temperatures and chemicals and is very easy to care for. The disadvantage is that it is a little more prone to scratching.

·Granitspüle – at first glance a characteristic element of every kitchen that is tough, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. Due to its surface, however, it needs to be cleaned a little more frequently, as dirt and limescale are more easily deposited.

·Tectonitespüle – It looks like granite, but is much cheaper to buy. It is also relatively tough and durable. However, since the core is white, scratches will become visible.

The dream kitchen

A high-quality and intelligent kitchen faucet in combination with a stylish sink will not only be an eye-catcher in your kitchen, but also ensure more convenience when cooking and other activities in the kitchen. When buying, you should also take into account that they should give you many years of pleasure. It is therefore worth investing in high-quality products from proven brands.

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