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01.11.2021 – 17:59

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Berlin (ots)

At least the current CSU Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer is satisfied with his work. “The NSU complex has been worked up,” announced the politician in view of the upcoming tenth anniversary of the self-exposure of the right-wing terrorist group. Recommendations for action to the authorities were “implemented as far as possible” and the connections to be clarified were examined in 13 investigative committees. It was not possible to answer all the questions completely, but – this is how his words can be translated – nobody is perfect and you have to look ahead from time to time.

One could dismiss this as a self-adulation of a soon-to-be retiree or supervisory board member. As a typical ignoring of structural problems because what cannot be can not be. And yet one would not do justice to the pain of the bereaved or the educational efforts of committed anti-fascists, politicians and journalists if one simply dismissed these words. They are an attempt by official acts to prevent the discussion of institutional racism and the links between organized neo-Nazis and security agencies. They are a mockery of the dead, their relatives and friends.

Thanks to a critical civil society and groups like “NSU Watch”, a lot has actually been learned since 2011. Numerous questions, however, remain unanswered – for example about the role of the undercover agent “Primus”, about the Nuremberg “flashlight attack”, about the blind spots of a leftist who at first did not recognize the scope of the attacks. The bitterest realization: There have been no serious consequences to this day, in the grand coalition there were above all cosmetics and fine words. The victims of the NSU deserve better.

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