▷ Beatrix von Storch: “Deport Afghan church abusers immediately”

01.11.2021 – 12:19

AfD – alternative for Germany

Berlin (ots)

A 25-year-old Afghan “refugee” desecrated a Christian church in Nordhausen / Thuringia. Nordhausen’s SPD district administrator Matthias Jendricke speaks out, with the exception of local staff, against accepting further Afghans and told Bild: “Most of them reject our culture.” SPD-Jendricke thinks it is “a mistake to think that they want to integrate well.”

Beatrix von Storch, Deputy Federal Spokesperson for Alternative for Germany, explains:

“Anyone who abuses the hospitality right like this criminal Afghan who violated a Christian church in Thuringia should be deported immediately. I do not want to imagine what would have happened to a Christian in Afghanistan who would have violated a mosque there. The statement of the SPD -Landrats that he considers the willingness of Afghans to integrate is a ‘mistaken belief’ should give the traffic light people in their Berlin bubble difficult to think. But I would be very surprised if the next federal government changes Merkel’s fatal course of unlimited mass immigration would.”

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