▷ AfD demands immediate action against the social consequences of inflation

01.11.2021 – 01:00

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AfD demands immediate action against the social consequences of inflation

Bundestag parliamentary group presents list of demands with eight points – significantly increase the basic tax allowance, abolish CO2 tax, suspend sales tax on energy

Osnabrück. The AfD demands an immediate program against the social consequences of inflation. “In view of the dramatic situation, politics cannot remain inactive,” says a catalog of demands by the AfD parliamentary group that is available to the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ). Eight concrete proposals are made in the key issues paper, which the government must implement “immediately”.

This includes the immediate increase in the basic tax allowance from 9744 to 12,600 euros, a more significant increase in Hartz IV benefits, the withdrawal of CO2 taxation and the suspension of sales tax for electricity, gas and heating oil for consumers until the end of next year. The government should also work in Brussels to ensure that the European Central Bank concentrates “on the monetary stability of the euro” instead of pursuing “economic policy”.

Inflation “is becoming an existential burden for broad sections of the population,” said the socio-political spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group, René Springer, in an interview with the NOZ. The federal government must quickly and effectively relieve the citizens in order to maintain social peace. “The key issues paper of the AfD parliamentary group shows a feasible path to which the politically responsible should not ignore.”

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