▷ Admit it! / Comment by Nele Leubner on the vaccination centers

01.11.2021 – 18:21

General newspaper Mainz

Mainz (ots)

Slowly the zigzag course is getting almost ridiculous. The vaccination centers in Germany were closed across the board just four weeks ago. Health Minister Jens Spahn now wants to start this up again. Apart from the fact that this would not be practicable so quickly – some of the facilities are no longer there, the staff is gone – the main question is: what for? For those few booster vaccinations that will have to be injected in the coming months? Especially since the majority of the target groups should be easy to reach for general practitioners and company doctors, whether they are residents of retirement homes or nursing staff. The resident doctors insisted early on that they could take over the corona vaccinations. Many cities and districts have meanwhile created small, local, low-threshold vaccination offers. These offers are accepted, are easily accessible and the cost / benefit ratio is much more moderate than in the large vaccination centers in the federal states. The financial commitment for the sometimes very large – and staff-intensive – vaccination centers was questionable in the weeks before the closure in view of the yawning emptiness there. The establishment of the vaccination centers at the end of last year was definitely the right one. At that time, the storage, transport and distribution of the vaccines were fragile affairs and the sheer mass of vaccinations had to be dealt with. After more than ten months, however, the centers have had their day. Spahn should leave it at that instead of driving an expensive zigzag course.

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