T’way Air supports dreaming of aviation and revitalizes inland routes

Aviation career experience event, 20 Youngsan University students participated
Domestic flight sales at the Airport Corporation YouTube promotion

T’way Air and Korea Airports Corporation held an event called ‘Aviation career experience for the revitalization of inland routes’. Pusan ​​Youngsan University students who participated in the experience / T’way Air

T’way Air has partnered with Korea Airports Corporation to revitalize inland routes. On October 29th, the ‘Airline career experience for inland routes’ event was held.

It was a meaningful time to invite the dreamers of aviation to the T’way Air Training Center. About 20 students from Youngsan University in Busan who participated in the event participated in the education program of Korea Airports Corporation in the morning and experienced T’way Air’s in-flight safety and service in the afternoon. Under the guidance of T’way Air cabin crew training instructors, various necessary trainings were provided on-site, such as aviation safety work and emergency exit opening and closing practice. On the evening of October 28, Busan, Yangyang, and Gwangju routes were also sold by participating in the Korea Airports Corporation YouTube live sales promotion.

A T’way Air official said, “As the number of inland routes through regional airports increases, we plan to expand various promotions.”

Meanwhile, T’way Air visited the Animal Freedom Coalition on October 28 and donated 1,004 kg of ANF feed for abandoned dogs affected by forest fires.

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