Parliamentary elections in Japan: government coalition apparently with a majority

Status: 10/31/2021 12:58 p.m.

In the election in Japan, a victory for the governing coalition is becoming apparent. According to media reports, the liberal democratic party LDP of Prime Minister Kishida and its smaller coalition partner Komeito were able to defend their majority.

In Japan, the ruling coalition has, according to forecasts, achieved a majority in the parliamentary elections despite significant losses. The liberal democratic party LDP and its junior partner Komeito would have 239 to 288 of the 465 seats in the lower house, reported the public broadcaster NHK. So far the coalition had 305 seats.

Kishida promised Corona help

At the beginning of October, the former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida was elected head of government by the LDP after Yoshihide Suga’s withdrawal – afterwards he set the election date. Before his election, the 64-year-old Kishida had promised a new beginning and massive corona aid for the economy, but in public he stands for continuity and a continuation of the politics of his predecessors.

Japan faces major challenges

A total of 1,051 candidates across the country applied for the seats in parliament. In the past, votes against the LDP had been split between several opposition parties, but this time five rival parties cooperated. According to experts, however, the electoral system played into the hands of the LDP.

Japan is facing major challenges: the third largest economy in the world wants to find its way back to old strength after the corona pandemic. In addition, the military threats in the region from North Korea and China have intensified.

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