Booster vaccinations: Lauterbach for re-opening of the vaccination centers

Status: 10/31/2021 6:47 a.m.

In view of the increasing corona numbers, the debate about booster vaccinations is gaining momentum. SPD expert Lauterbach has now called for the vaccination centers to be reopened in order to accelerate the booster vaccinations.

In the fight against the corona pandemic, the SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach calls for the vaccination centers, which are often closed, to be re-established. The vaccinations are progressing far too slowly to break the soaring fourth wave of the pandemic, he wrote on Twitter.

“Realistically” there are currently not many options “with a great effect”, Lauterbach continues. One of two possibilities is “a much faster booster vaccination,” he emphasized with a view to booster vaccinations. “For that you would have to reopen the vaccination centers.”

As another possibility, Lauterbach called “consistently use 2G” – that is, only admitting vaccinated or convalescent people to events or indoor restaurants. “That greatly reduces the number of cases,” emphasized the SPD health politician.

The number of people vaccinated is increasing only slowly

The number of people vaccinated is only increasing slowly. A booster vaccination against the effects that diminish over time is much less perceived by people than could. This is especially recommended for risk groups. Politicians are desperately looking for concepts to induce more people to do so.

The regional vaccination centers were set up last winter when vaccinations started. The background was requirements for strong cooling of the initially scarce vaccines and strict priority for vulnerable population groups. At times there were more than 400 vaccination centers. The federal and state governments had agreed to reduce or close them by September 30th at the latest. Most countries switched to mobile vaccination teams. In addition, doctors’ practices also vaccinate, but there are fewer again.

Incidence rises to almost 150

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported a further increase in the seven-day incidence to 149.4 from 145.1 the previous day. In addition, the institute registered the Robert Koch Institute reports 16,887 new infections – 3,155 more than on Sunday a week ago. 33 other people died related to the virus. This brings the number of reported deaths to 95,729.

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