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31.10.2021 – 09:00

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Baierbrunn (ots)

Contact restrictions and hygiene measures during the Corona-pandemic gave even common cold viruses bad chances. But there is also a downside of the coin: Because the defense has gotten out of training, pathogens for coughs, runny nose and sore throats have an easier time again in autumn. That “HausArzt-PatientMagazin” therefore advises: strengthening the body’s defenses.

Small breaks in the evening

The best way to do this is through a healthy lifestyle. This includes exercise in the fresh air – about half an hour a day is advisable, whether on foot or by bike – enough sleep and little stress. The stress hormone cortisol, which increasingly circulates in the blood under constant stress, affects the normal function of the immune system, among other things. It is therefore good to plan a little break every evening for an evening stroll, your favorite music, a good book, a fragrant relaxation bath or a cup of calming tea. Even Relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga strengthen the immune system.

Fruit and vegetables strengthen the immune system

Diet also plays an important role: those who eat three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit a day provide the body with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant substances. These are important for an intact immune defense. Also legumes like Lentils, beans and peas contain valuable nutrients and healthy carbohydrates. They fill you up, keep your digestion healthy and, thanks to their high protein content, are ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

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