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Munich (ots)

Flying high stopped: Kaiserslautern lost for the first time in 6 games with a 2-0 draw against Würzburg. “It definitely feels like shit,” said FCK trainer Antwerp, who was annoyed by the drop in intensity after the deficit: “I’m disappointed about that.” Lautern’s René Klingenburg criticized the referee for not giving 2 penalties: “He slept the whole game and in the decisive situations too. Just like we did with the 2 goals conceded. Shit day!” Ironically, Marvin Pourie, who had shot against coach Antwerp before the game, scored to make it 2-0. Würzburg’s new coach, Danny Schwarz, scored 7 points in his 3 games and raved: “That was only possible with the will.” SV Meppen defeated Türkgücü Munich 1-0 late and “concluded a great October”, said coach Schmitt. His counterpart, Peter Hyballa, was not dissatisfied despite the defeat and a long shortfall: “We are not the total losers now.”

The most important voices from the Sunday Games are listed below – if you use them, please name the source MagentaSport. Tomorrow evening the matchday will be concluded with the game between SC Verl and VfL Osnabrück – live on MagentaSport from 6.45pm.

1. FC Kaiserslautern – Würzburger Kickers 0-2

After the last 6 unbeaten games, the FCK loses at home to the Würzburger Kickers. Despite numerous chances and several tricky decisions, it wasn’t enough to get one point in the end. The Lauterer slide back to 11th place. Lautern’s coach Marco Antwerp: “It definitely feels like shit to lose a home game here. But the opponent didn’t have to do that much in the first half. We stopped after a good 15 minutes and invited the opponent … How When we tried everything in the second half, we showed our true colors. But you have to take advantage of the chances. “

What didn’t go right after the 0-1: “You have to maintain the intensity and that’s where we stopped. You then have to shake yourself and really hold on to it. As far as I felt, we did a little less. That can’t be the case, of course. I’m a bit disappointed about that. “

About the performance of the referee and 2 possible penalties for FCK: “The referee actually played a good game. Everything outside of the 16s. But then to make the decisions in the penalty area, then he would be a really good referee. That way he only made a good game.”

Lautern’s René Klingenburg: “We got caught in the cold shower in the first half. We didn’t start that badly, but we just didn’t have a good grip in the duels. You have to be honest … Then you hit the target and then you run after the music. But I think at least 2 penalties would have been possible today … In the second half it is a very clear penalty (60th minute, Schneider versus Klingenburg). You can see the jersey. And then the referee says to me: “Me don’t know which situation you mean. “Okay. Then you slept the whole game and in the crucial situations too. Just like we did when we conceded two goals. A shitty day.”

Self-sacrificing Würzburgers fight for the victory against Lautern and have now been unbeaten for 3 games, jumping past Duisburg to 18th place.

Würzburg coach Danny Schwarz: “When you win on the Betzenberg, you are always proud of your team. You have seen what kind of cauldron it is. In the second half it was only about the will. That a little bit of luck would be on one side We were all aware of it. There were many situations where I winced on the bench. But the guys threw themselves into everything and I’m very happy accordingly. “

How he saw the two alleged penalties for FCK: “They’re both running duels. I don’t see any clear contact now. It may be that he touched him a bit, but that’s part of football. Of course we can’t complain when the referee blows his whistle. “

Marvin Pourié scored a goal in the 3rd game in a row: “I’m a bit at odds, I have to be honest. The club is really close to my heart … I can really identify with the club and I’m really at odds right now … I’m proud of the team because I am Everyone had their backs during the week and encouraged me. Especially in the second half it was unbelievable what the guys did defensively. “

3rd league is supposed to be the league of chances

Lautern’s chairman of the advisory board, Dr. Markus Merk on the decisions of the 3rd division task force: “5,000 spectators are important. Those who qualify for this fantastic 3rd league – for many the league of worries, but it should become the league of opportunities – deserve to play in their own stadium. Of course there is.” various other points: This “financial fair play”, of course not to be compared with that of international football: How do we manage to stabilize the profitability of all clubs? The young talent fund: League of Chances always means that you have to be able to integrate young players. That is also rewarded … What I also think is important: Why do we play football? We play football for and because of the fans . The bond between clubs, associations and fans has to become stronger … The fans are the most important thing in football, otherwise we wouldn’t have to play. “

Marco Antwerp did not want to go into the attacks by Würzburg’s Marvin Pourié against himself before the game: “We know that he has qualities and he brought them onto the pitch here with us last year and we are still grateful to him for that. Basically we want to stop him today. That is of course clear.”

SV Meppen – Türkgücü Munich 1-0

SV Meppen won their first home win since the end of August. Match winner and newcomer Sukuta-Pasu headed the Meppener to victory in the 88th minute. Keeper Erik Doma Schke also ensured success with several saves.Meppen’s coach Rico Schmitt after the 3rd win in a row: “We had a great October and finished it 1-0 today. From the beginning you saw where the journey was going … It was also with patience and spit, in the figurative sense, to work out your chances. .. Türkgücü was always incredibly dangerous. We can thank Erik (Domaschke). We are the lucky but well-deserved winners of the day. Great Sunday in October. “

The premiere scorer Richard Sukuta-Pasu on his 1st goal for SV Meppen: “That was very emotional. The atmosphere was great. My first goal here at a home game. It couldn’t go any better.”

For Türkgücü Munich the defeat means 12th place with 18 points. Trainer Peter Hyballa: “In 11 against 11 it was even … Then we play a 4-3-2 in 10 against 11 and thus secure the midfield. It is of course clear that more crosses will come … We have 3, 4 counter opportunities and there If that’s just too bad then. On the counterattack you are not outnumbered and then you have to do one. But the guys fought brilliantly and unfortunately Richie (Sukuta-Pasu) makes it 1-0 in the end. We have to then accept. “

What is now being worked on: “We’re not going home with a brutally bad game. We were able to stand up to 10 against 11. We’re not the total losers now.”

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