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▷ Joachim Kuhs: The EU as the rebirth of communism?

31.10.2021 – 10:01

AfD – alternative for Germany

Berlin (ots)

The Member of Parliament of the European Union Joachim Kuhs criticizes the increasingly worrying handling of civil rights and fundamental freedoms within the EU, which have been gradually restricted since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. In his criticism of the EU, he refers to the former Czech President Václav Klaus, who, in a speech on May 28 at the Collegium Intermarium University in Warsaw, compared the current developments during the communist USSR.

Václav Klaus said of the new political decision-makers after the collapse of communism in the Eastern bloc: “Our thinking was based on three constants […]: the people, the family and the nation. “He went on:” These three pillars have been brutally attacked in the last few decades by the new progressive ideology that has managed to control and rule the world today. The advocates of this ideology aggressively seek to discredit the past and the values ​​and behavior patterns associated with it. To achieve its goal, it takes nothing less than a revolution against our culture, against our history, our countries and ourselves […].”

Joachim Kuhs emphasizes the importance of the speech: “The experienced statesman Klaus recognizes and names fundamental undesirable developments in the EU in his speech. The EU is increasingly turning away from the citizens, the basic democratic principles and the cultural heritage of Europe! progressive left ideologies which, in the way they appear, are reminiscent of times that we believed we had overcome. ”

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