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31.10.2021 – 11:00


Unterföhring (ots)

Music is the trump card for these candidates. Music is basically her life. They have already been in the charts with their own songs, have all sung on big stages or have simply made money with music. But how well can their ears recognize the right melody? Do you guess songs when sung backwards? Or if the band only plays two notes? Does “All Together Now” presenter Melissa Khalaj get a hit in the game “Video killed the Radio Star” when music and video clip do not belong together? Or does actor and “The Masked Singer” sloth Tom Beck get enough speed on the oversized turntable for “The Great Record Race” for others to recognize the song? In “Let the music play – The big celebrity special”, Amiaz Habtu tests the music knowledge of eight prominent guests: on Friday, November 19, 2021, at 8:15 pm on SAT.1.

These four rate duos compete:

Jeanette Biedermann and Tom Beck

Aminata Belli and Patrick Lindner

Citizens Lars Dietrich and Oli P.

Melissa Khalaj and Gil Ofarim

In addition to well-known quiz games such as “Song Buzzer” or “Song Poker”, new game rounds such as “Singing Backwards” or “Wrong Verses” invite you to guess in the audience or at home. The most successful guessing team will be rewarded with up to 50,000 euros in prize money for a good cause.

“Let the music play – The big celebrity special” with Amiaz Habtu: on Friday, November 19, 2021, at 8:15 pm on SAT.1.

“Let the music play” is produced by Banijay Productions Germany and is based on the concept of the American format “Name That Tune”, which was broadcast on CBS from 1953 and sold in around 30 countries. In Germany, the show ran from 1999 to 2001 under the title “Hast du Töne?”, Moderated by Matthias Opdenhövel at the time.

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