▷ Confusion / comment from Christiane Stein on booster vaccinations

31.10.2021 – 19:14

General newspaper Mainz

Mainz (ots)

Not again. Instead of providing factual information, it is discussed and propagated. When it comes to booster vaccinations against Covid-19, the players are in top form. Federal Health Minister Spahn is promoting booster vaccinations for everyone, even if the Standing Vaccination Commission has so far only explicitly recommended them for people over 70 and risk groups. Warnings from the medical profession that this would arouse false expectations and put additional stress on family doctors come promptly. Coupled with the demand for a federal-state summit as soon as possible in order to analyze the situation with a view to the fourth wave, this approach causes one thing above all: confusion. And uncertainty when it comes to deciding for or against another vaccination. There is nothing at all against the fact that all vaccinated persons inform themselves now about the possibility of increasing the protective effect and then determine the best time for themselves. The European Medicines Agency, which basically gave the go-ahead for boosters, recommends that people without a risk status should be at least six months apart from the second vaccination. In the shadow of the rapidly increasing numbers of infections, at least three things are currently incomprehensible: Why are there no reliable numbers again – this time about refreshments that have taken place? Why is the group for which it is most needed now not specifically invited? And why – after the vaccination centers have closed – are there no central contact points where you can be informed and, if necessary, be vaccinated directly? For the first, second or third time.

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