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31.10.2021 – 21:07


Munich (ots)

ALBA Berlin ignites offensive fireworks and wins in Bamberg with 101: 89. Maodo Lo, still bent after the EuroLeague defeat against FC Bayern, was happy because “a lot of the injured came back and directly contributed to the victory.” Bamberg kept up for a long time, then had to let the albatrosses go because they “broke into the defense”, complained Patrick Heckmann. FC Bayern took the momentum from the EuroLeague with them and also won the third game in a week with 78:87 in Bayreuth. Munich’s match winner Augustine Rubit took the heavy strain calmly: “At the end of the day you have to play.” The crisis of EWE Baskets Oldenburg continues – 85:95 bankruptcy in Göttingen: penultimate. “I’m missing the words a bit,” said Bennet Hundt, who admitted: “We didn’t perform well.” Frankfurt celebrates its first win of the season in Ulm thanks to Will Cherry, who justified his absence “with personal problems”.

The following are the most important Sunday voices in the BBL – if you use them, please name the source MagentaSport. On Tuesday, FC Bayern will be in Würzburg, live from 8.15 p.m., Real Madrid will come on Friday – live from 8.30 p.m. MagentaSport shows all the easyCredit BBL and EuroLeague games as well as the German games in the EuroCup live.

Brose Bamberg – ALBA Berlin 89: 101

ALBA Berlin can break away from the Bambergers quite early in the second half and in the end wins clearly, jumps to 8th place. Maodo Lo about the victory: “Today it was a game in which a lot of injuries came back and also contributed directly to the win. That helped us a lot and it was fun.”

How he found his return to Bamberg: “Very cool. I was very happy. I came to Bamberg straight from college and the years have shaped me a lot. I was very happy that I was still accepted here.” Because the Berliners cracked the 100 points, there should be donuts: “I wasn’t even aware of that. Maybe there is something healthier. Ok, back there is already said” No “. Well, then there are donuts. “

Comebacker Marcus Eriksson got 10 points: “I’m happy to be back with the team … It’s always difficult to come back. That was a first step.”

After 4 wins at the start, the Bambergers conceded the 2nd defeat in a row and slipped to 7th place. Even an outstanding Chris Sengfelder could not avert the defeat with his 29 points. Patrick Heckmann said after the game: “We broke into the defense in the second half. Berlin then did it smart … We were then in the rotation and Berlin came to simple points … We make 89 points at home and that should be enough. Of course this is Berlin with a very good offense. But it was definitely down to the defense today. “

medi Bayreuth – FC Bayern Munich 78:87

FC Bayern Munich took the momentum from two victories in the EuroLeague and also won in Bayreuth, jumping to the top of the table. Augustine Rubit, 17 points, after defeating his calm demeanor on the court: “That’s my personality. It can be good or bad. Sometimes it doesn’t have the energy to push my teammates. I’m working on it.” Whether Munich was lacking energy after the 2 games in the EuroLeague during the week: “At the end of the day you have to play. We are preparing for it. You can’t relax against good teams either, and today we found a way to win anyway. ” Now Bayern have no game for 4 days. A little vacation? “I wouldn’t say that. We still have a lot to do and it’s always a struggle. We have to prepare for it and relax as much as we can.”

FFor Bayreuth, the 3rd defeat in a row means 16th place and a 2: 8. Moritz Sanders on the defeat: “That was of course a cool atmosphere here, but it’s bitter that we lost quite a bit in the end. But we threw everything in and can’t blame ourselves.”

BG Göttingen – EWE Baskets Oldenburg 95:85

EWE Baskets Oldenburg also lose in Göttingen and are in penultimate place in the table with a 1: 5 after 6 games. Bennet Hundt was served after the game: “I honestly have to admit that I’m missing a few words at the moment. It was a tough game today and a tough day for us. We didn’t perform well and you can’t talk about that now, but the day after tomorrow we’ll play the next game in The Champions League. That is what the focus must now be on. “

The BG Göttingen jumps to 2nd place in the table after the next victory. Jake Toolson, 24 points, on his good three-way quota with 7 out of 9 attempts: “I did that a couple of times in college. It was definitely my best day in my professional career.”

ratiopharm Ulm – FRAPORT Skyliners 80:88

The FRAPORT Skyliners surprisingly win in Ulm and celebrate their first win of the season. Returnees and leader Will Cherry, 14 points, spoke about his last difficult months: “I’ve heard a few people say I was tired. That’s not true. I had a few personal problems, that’s why I didn’t play. I want to thank Frankfurt for giving me the chance anyway. Today they were able to I show that they rightly believed in me. “

Ulms Nicolas Bretzel: “It was a tough week I would say. We tried to give everything, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. But I am of the opinion that we had strong defensive problems and that was why it failed. “

HAKRO Merlins Crailsheim – Löwen Braunschweig 92:90 OT

The HAKRO Merlins Crailsheim celebrate a victory in the overtime crime thriller, although they were 39:50 behind at halftime and were only able to equalize shortly before the end.

Matchwinner TJ Shorts, 19 points, remained unlucky for the first 20 minutes and then came up trumps: “The mentality is always the same. Regardless of whether you are leading or lagging behind. You always have to keep going. Sometimes you have a bad half or a bad quarter. You just have to keep going. My team and my coach have motivated me and it was easy for me made.”

Brunswick’s Robin Amaize: “It was definitely a great atmosphere, I have to say … That is of course a bitter end for us. A possession was missing.”

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