Schulze at the world climate summit: No “spontaneous world salvation” in sight

As of: 10/30/2021 8:58 a.m.

Environment Minister Schulze has warned against excessive expectations of the world climate summit. It is a mistake to “expect spontaneous world salvation”. EU Commission President von der Leyen calls for more ambitious goals.

Before the upcoming World Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze warned against too high expectations for the summit. “It would be a mistake to expect the world to be saved spontaneously from global climate conferences – the challenge is too complex for that,” Schulze told the editorial network in Germany.

“Climate conferences do not work on the ‘all or nothing’ principle. This is a long-distance run in which every stage has its meaning. Glasgow will not be Paris 2.0,” the SPD politician continued.

Schulze warns of “end-of-time debates”

At the same time, Schulze warned the climate movement against doomsday scenarios and overly generalized criticism of climate protection policy. “This end-of-time debate, according to which the world would end if we don’t all go straight to our quiet little room, don’t move around and don’t eat anything – I am exaggerating here on purpose – does not achieve the goal,” said Schulze. “Of course it is better for the environment, the climate and, by the way, health if we eat less meat in Germany, for example. But you shouldn’t believe that this would solve the climate crisis.”

At the same time, the environment minister praised the commitment of the climate movement. “Progress is possible and is happening.” Climate protection is now enjoying top priority worldwide, including in the German coalition negotiations. That is “a giant step forward and, by the way, has something to do with the commitment of the climate movement.”

Von der Leyen demands more ambitious goals from states

On the other hand, EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen warned the states of insufficient resolutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the climate conference. “If we stop trying, the consequences will be dramatic,” she told the Augsburger Allgemeine. “The situation is very serious,” said von der Leyen. Science is already pointing out that the world community is not ambitious enough.

The EU Commission chief warned of a failure at the UN climate conference COP26: “We know that we only have one chance, that is why it is so important for the COP26 that the negotiations are successful.” She expects the countries to formulate their goals more ambitiously and to explain plausibly how they want to achieve them. “We only have this decade to set the right course and to avoid reaching irreversible tipping points”.

Von der Leyen called for a global agreement on clear rules on how countries can transparently and comprehensibly measure their national progress in reducing emissions. In addition, the rich states would have to show solidarity with the developing countries and the EU would have to take a pioneering role.

Hofreiter calls for a German role model

Development Minister Gerd Müller also emphatically warned of the dramatic consequences of climate change. “If we do not act now globally, the earth is heading for a warming of 2.7 degrees,” said Müller to the newspapers of the Funke media group. “The consequences would be dramatic, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable countries,” said the CSU politician. This in turn would lead to “massive flows of refugees”.

Green parliamentary leader Anton Hofreiter also urged decisive action for more climate protection and sees Germany as an obligation. “The expectations of the World Climate Conference are enormous. The task now is to act quickly and to initiate suitable measures for more climate protection,” said Hofreiter of the “Heilbronner Voice”. Germany must play a role model role in this. “Even six years after the historic Paris climate protection agreement, the global community is still far from the 1.5-degree path,” criticized the Green politician.

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