Repayment of debts: BER boss asks urgently for financial aid

Repayment of debts
BER boss asks urgently for financial aid

Image: dpa / Fabian Sommer

BER Airport, which opened a year ago, urgently needs the next financial injection to avert bankruptcy. “We need money fast, we need cash,” said the new boss Aletta von Massenbach the Berliner “Daily mirror” [Bezahlschranke]. According to this, the liquidity of the Berlin, Brandenburg and Federal Airport Company (FBB) will last “until the first quarter of 2022”.

The FBB had to “make a large payment for debt servicing” in mid-February, said von Massenbach. “We cannot do the debt service ourselves for a long time.”

“The fact that we still need so much money for BER is extremely bitter”

Federal government calls for an opinion on problems at BER

During the autumn holidays, there were extremely long waiting times due to a lack of staff. But there are numerous other problems with the airport, which opened a year ago. Reports include overflowing garbage cans, broken floor tiles, frequently dirty toilets and defective escalators and elevators. There is also a dispute over the number of taxis that are allowed to drive to the airport from Berlin and Brandenburg.

According to the newspaper, the management should comment on all these points by the end of next week and suggest solutions. A conversation between Scheuer and the BER boss is also planned afterwards. The federal government is co-owner of the airport along with the states of Berlin and Brandenburg.

Broadcast: Inforadio, 10/30/2021, 8:00 a.m.

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