COVID-19: Russia, the country in Europe that imposes paid holidays to contain the pandemic

This Saturday, the new restrictions against COVID-19 in Russia to contain the escalation of infections and deaths in the country with the most registered deaths in Europe.

The health authorities notified 40,251 new cases, the highest figure since the start of the pandemic.

President Vladimir Putin ordered last week a long weekend of paid vacation from this Saturday to Sunday, November 7, with the purpose of breaking the chain of records in both daily cases and deaths.

Russia has been forced to impose strong measures to curb the increase in cases since the end of the brief lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic, despite pinning all its hopes on the launch of several vaccines of its own, such as the Sputnik V.

Despite the fact that several drugs have been available for free for months, only 32.5% of the population has been vaccinated, according to government statistics this Saturday.

The Kremlin indicated earlier this week that epidemiologists had voiced their “concerns” after polls released by news agencies showed that a third of Russians planned to travel during vacation time from work.

Regions across the country have imposed some restrictions against COVID-19, but the most stringent began to be implemented this week in Moscow, the epicenter of the outbreak in Russia, with essential services closed.

Health authorities have been accused of downplaying the pandemic. The Rosstat statistical agency revealed on Friday that 44,265 people have died in September from COVID, almost twice as many as those reported by the government.

These figures would raise the number of deaths from COVID-19 to almost 450 thousand, the most catastrophic figure in Europe.



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