Sunday, November 28

China confines a third city due to coronavirus outbreaks

The city ​​authorities of Heihe, in northern China, announced containment measures due to the latest outbreaks of COVID-19, which had already caused the closure of two other cities so far.

In a statement published on the social network WeChat, the Heihe authorities confirmed today that some districts of the city have been considered “medium risk” of contagion.

This city, which has a million and a half inhabitants and is located on the border that the northeastern province of Heilongjiang has with Russia, thus joins other towns such as Ejin and Lanzhou, which have been confined in recent days by a regrowth on a national scale that already leaves more than 340 active cases.

The measures go through a confinement of residential complexes, in which outings are restricted to a single person per household every two days, and by the prohibition of any mass gathering in the city.

Temperature measurements and being in possession of a green QR code will also be required in mobile tracking applications -which guarantees that a person is not infected or has not been in contact with infected people – to be able to enter any public place.

The local government, which also announced roadblocks to prevent residents from leaving, said Heihe must now prepare to “fight a difficult battle.”

Despite the fact that until last local midnight, there were only 10 active positive cases in Heihe, the authorities thus hope to nip the spread of the coronavirus in the bud.

The amount

2.25 billion of doses of vaccines have been applied among the Chinese population, of 1,411 million inhabitants, the authorities continue their policy of zero tolerance against COVID.


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