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Munich (ots)

No consistency yet, EHC Red Bull Munich after the Corona forced break: The Grizzlies Wolfsburg give the EHC no chance in a 4-2 win. “We didn’t play well,” admitted Munich’s Trevor Parkes. The guilt is not to be found in the decimated cadre after the quarantine: “That is not an excuse!” The Adler Mannheim win the 4: 2 in Bietigheim “with hard work” the 7th game in a row, march away at the top of the table. “In the end it was sovereign”, stated double packer Markus Eisenschmid. The Eisbären Berlin need 30 minutes and a 2-0 deficit to avert the next home bankruptcy. Then the polar bears literally overrun their opponents Bremerhaven and deservedly win 5: 2. After 3 years, Nuremberg wins again in Straubing, the return trip was in the “Happy Bus”, revealed double goalscorer Tim Fleischer. Crazy game and victory for Krefeld, which Augsburg defeated in the highest-scoring game 5: 4.

The following are the most important voices from the Friday Games – if you use them, please name the source MagentaSport. The 18th matchday is on Sunday. Among other things with the Grizzlys Wolfsburg against the Eisbären Berlin – from 1.45 p.m. live on MagentaSport.

Shortly before the match day, national coach Toni Söderholm announced his roster for the Deutschland Cup (live and exclusively on MagentaSport from 11/11/2021). MagentaSport reporter Basti Schwele on the relevance of the squad and the tournament: “The Deutschland Cup is something very special this year. Toni Söderholm at this tournament means: preselection for an important season for the German national team with the Olympic Games in February and the World Cup in May.”

EHC Red Bull Munich – Grizzlies Wolfsburg 2: 4

EHC Red Bull Munich lost to Wolfsburg without a chance, and only made it onto the scoreboard in the 56th minute. Nevertheless, the team is still in second place behind Mannheim. Munich’s Trevor Parkes: “That was a difficult game. Of course we have a decimated squad, but that’s not an excuse. We have good young players. We didn’t play well and we have to pay our respects to Wolfsburg. They took their chances and won the game.”

The Grizzlys Wolfsburg win for the first time in 3 games and stay in the top 3. Wolfsburg’s Dustin Strahlmeier: “We came in really well in the first third, which is actually brutally difficult here. Normally, Munich always dominates the first 5 minutes. That was incredibly important … We just played our game again, which we had been looking for for a long time. .. We made it difficult for Munich, which of course were also a bit weakened. “

The link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya4tzY2gB_E

Eisbären Berlin – Pinguins Bremerhaven 5: 2

The polar bears needed something at the beginning and then literally rolled over Bremerhaven. Berlin’s Giovanni Fiore: “It was a very fast game. Bremerhaven was very physical and fast. They matched us. We played our game and they followed us. I liked the way we played today.”

The Pinguins Bremerhaven led 2-0 up to the 30th minute, but then were left behind. Tim Lutz scored his 1st career goal: “That was a great experience for me, but in the end I would have preferred the 3 points … We played well throughout the game, but allowed too many shots from the blue line and blocked too few. In the end, that won Made a difference … In the end it hurts to have lost here. “

The link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gcznxgt6d2Y

Bietigheim Steelers – Adler Mannheim 2:4

With the victory, the Adler Mannheim continue to confidently defend their lead in the standings and even expand them a little because Munich loses to Wolfsburg. Mannheim’s double packer Markus Eisenschmid after the 7th win in a row: “I think it was sovereign in the end. The win is okay. But it was also a combination of hard work that also led to the win … We played a good game, but we also showed respect Bietigheim. They are a strong team and do well against it. “

For the Steelers it was the 5th defeat in a row, 14th place. Captain Constantin Braun still seemed to be satisfied with the performance: “Definitely. In the end they took their chances and unfortunately we didn’t make anything out of it. That could have turned out 4: 4 and we go into overtime. The Mannheim fans, like our fans, were all great and there you can also celebrate after a defeat. “

The link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=63t2Srt4-k0

Krefeld Penguins – Augsburger Panther 5: 4

A roller coaster ride of emotions for both teams. Krefeld led 3-0, then conceded the equalizer to win 5-4 in the end. The penguins are now in 12th place, one place among the Augsburg panthers.

Krefeld’s Mirko Sacher: “We didn’t even play the second third, apart from the one goal. In the last third we started playing ice hockey again and took our chances.” A work victory with many blocks: “When you’re on the ice, you don’t want a goal. Then you try to block every target … You accept the blocked shots.”

Augsburg’s John Rogl saw a bitter defeat: “Absolutely. We were very unhappy at the beginning, or in general,. We showed a lot of character that we can even out and cut back after the 3-0 draw. I’m honestly proud of the team. We never gave up, not even at the end . But in the end it wasn’t enough … We had far better chances. It wasn’t because of that, but because of the exploitation of the chances. We have to make sure that we find the last punch to score the goal. Maybe we also had a bit of bad luck today. “

The link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlZeVFKYtFM

Straubing Tigers – Nürnberg Ice Tigers 3:5

Premiere day in Straubing. The Nürnberg Ice Tigers fight for their first victory since October 2018 in Straubing. The first away three this season. Double goalscorer Tim Fleischer scored his first brace in his career: “It was great fun. Playing in Straubing is never easy. We solved that well and in the end we deserved to win.”

There’s one on the way home now “Happy-Bus, as the foreigners always say. Now let’s have a good evening and tomorrow we train and then we want to have the perfect weekend on Sunday.”

The Straubing Tigers are 9th in the table after the defeat. Andreas Eder explained the defeat: “We actually played a good game, but Nuremberg always scored a goal when we put pressure on it. Then you lose in the end … If you have a 5-3 on the ice for a minute and a half and then no goal shoots, then that was just not good enough. “

The link to the game: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ImmxnQGKJk

The 18th matchday in the PENNY DEL LIVE at a glance:

Sunday, October 31, 2021

From 1.45 p.m .: Nuremberg Ice Tigers – Iserlohn Roosters, Pinguins Bremerhaven – Bietigheim Steelers, Grizzlys Wolfsburg – Eisbären Berlin

From 4.15 p.m .: Adler Mannheim – Straubing Tigers

From 4.45 p.m .: Cologne Sharks – Krefeld Penguins

From 6.45 p.m .: Schwenninger Wild Wings – ERC Ingolstadt

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