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30.10.2021 – 10:16

Heilbronn voice

Berlin (ots)

In the discussion about the burdens in nursing, especially during the corona pandemic, the German Nursing Council warns unvaccinated people to decide in favor of a vaccination, also to protect the nursing staff. Christine Vogler, President of the Nursing Council, told the “Heilbronner Voice”: “There is no compulsory vaccination, but people should feel obliged to inform themselves. We really plead, especially in the direction of our own professional group, that many unvaccinated people are still decide in favor of a vaccination. The carers want to be protected too.

Nevertheless: “A compulsory vaccination can really only be the last resort. But it is difficult to bear” when society has to orient itself towards those who do not want to be vaccinated, “said Vogler.

A pandemic of the unvaccinated is to be viewed critically, continued the Nursing Council President and added: “We should, however, beware of a debate that unvaccinated people suffering from corona should receive less care and medical attention, or have to pay for the costs. Our job is to look after people – and not ask them about guilt. We don’t do that with overweight people or addicts either. ” It is a question of attitude and ethos. Vogler: “We as a society must succeed in convincing even more people to get vaccinated.”

Christine Vogler also calls for a rethink with a view to the traffic light coalition negotiations. “We hold a lot of talks with politicians. The entire care system has been marauding over many years. Nursing staff are at the pain limit of their stress, we have vacancies in all clinics and care facilities, and unfortunately we have to admit that very often we do not have any at the moment Good quality patient and resident care more. But nobody really dares to say that openly. “

The reasons why the personnel situation is so tense today can be found in the pre-Corona period, judges Christine Vogler: “Ignorance and negligence on the part of those responsible in the health care system have led to this disaster. Long-term care is considered to be in the system for a long time Pure cost factor, which has been reduced more and more. Now the limit has been reached and we are presented with the receipt. We have to be honest: the care cart is pretty deep in the dirt. “

Christine Vogler also emphasized that honest dealings also include talking about “why it is important to pay caregivers decently in an inherently affluent society. We also have to talk about the fact that it naturally means that we close clinics . Or that we have large tariff differences in the country. If we deal with it more honestly and include everyone involved, then I believe we will find solutions. ” The Nursing Council President added: “In fact, we have to discuss in society how we want to pay for care. That will also be an economic challenge. Because if we no longer have caregivers, who will look after those in need of care?”

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