▷ KDA boss Helmut Kneppe: bring all care actors and politics to one table

30.10.2021 – 09:57

Heilbronn voice

Berlin (ots)

In the debate about the increasing emergency in nursing, which has worsened in the corona pandemic, the Board of Trustees for German Old Age Aid calls for all actors from politics and nursing to be brought to one table. Helmut Kneppe, chairman of the Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe (KDA), told the “Heilbronn Voice” about his idea of ​​an “all-round inventory” for the care sector: “A summit, a round or square table – whatever we want to call it : It is important that we bring together the actors in the field of care and health and the politicians who are now responsible. In reference to the founder of the foundation and wife of the then Federal President Heinrich Lübke, Kneppe added: “Care needs a pioneering spirit as Wilhelmine Lübke once demanded.”

The chairman of the board of trustees of Deutsche Altershilfe, which has been researching the good life in old age independently and under the patronage of the Federal President for around 60 years, sees immigration as an opportunity to fill vacancies in care. Kneppe: “One adjustment screw can be the recruiting of foreign nursing staff. Fortunately, the exploratory paper has expressly taken up this approach,” he said, referring to the traffic light negotiations between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP. Germany is in competition with other recruiters, according to Kneppe. “An important aspect here is trust – in the recruiting process itself, but also in the structures on site. Therefore, German recruitment agencies can now apply to the Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe for a seal of approval that distinguishes an ethical, fair recruitment process the integration management at the target institutions strengthened. “

According to the German Nursing Council, there is already a shortage of around 200,000 nurses. And the number of people in need of care is increasing. In 2030, if left unchecked, there could be a shortage of around 500,000 nurses. According to forecasts, the number of people in need of care could increase by around one million people to around five million by then.

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